Wednesday, January 28

Hunka-Hunka-Happy Birthday!

I think i am still in shock that my sweet baby girl is FIVE years old today! Time has flown by... in more like jet speed fashion! It seems like just yesterday she was just a tiny baby. Now, she's carrying adult conversations with me and explaining the ways of the world in a way only a five year old can. You know, the way that makes you wish you were that innocent and carefree again. Ah.. I'm jealous! And is it wrong to be completely envious of your own daughter?! Seriously, this child is beautiful. Not only are her eyelashes ridiculously long and have a natural curl (mine are long.. but STRAIGHT as a board!), she has "beauty spots" in the perfect places on her cheeks.. like Marilyn Monroe perfect places. She outshines me (and everyone else) in every photograph she's in. I don't dare take a picture without wearing makeup when she's in it! She's been this cute from birth and only seems to gain perfection with age. I am totally nervous for 16! YIKES! This child is also incredibly smart. She knows things that i know for a fact most children her age don't know! She contemplates things and studies them until she's sure she know all the ends and outs. She knows her family tree up and down on both sides and will certainly correct you if you "misplace" someone! She impresses me and amazes me with her knowledge every single day. She lights up a room b/c of her charm and charisma. People are drawn to her and love her immediately. (again, since birth!) She's spoiled rotten because of this and probably already has more friends that her parents ever dreamed of! She loves things like jewelry, movies, makeup and music. She's obsessed with Elvis and Johnny Cash (the girl has taste!) One day in Pottery Barn she pretended to be a mannequin in the window. She got the biggest kick out of this. (and i have to admit is was pretty hilarious to see the people walking by stare at her!) That's the kind of free spirit that she is! She's kind, grateful, polite, innocent, charming, smart, gorgeous, classy, full of life and yet humbled. She's perfect!..... and I love her. And now... she's 5!

And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16

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