Friday, April 27

Life must be grand..

for a boy named Gray Davis Stickles..

Here are some random pics from my phone. I just love this sweet little face!

He and Huck are the best of friends. They share just about everything.. Gray's food, Huck's food (so gross!), each other's toys, and yes.. even Huck's bones if we're not careful! ;)


Daddy was outside cutting the lawn. These two whinned at the door until he came back in!

My little T-I-G-E-R!

It was COOOOOLLLDDDD on Saturday for Ethan's game. We had to sit in the car for a bit to warm up! I was praying that he wouldn't get an ear infection!

This is what I wake up to every morning. Sweet, chubby, happy, smiling goodness!! I am the luckiest lady in the world!

He fits right in! LOVES chips!!

It started raining during one of E's soccer practices. We hung out in the car.. someone liked this VERY much!

I found this one too... melts my heart..

Saying Hello to Popie.. not a day goes by that they dont mention him and tell stories about him.

Here's a few vidoes that I found on there also..  

Ethan Stickles makes me laugh on a daily basis!!! I LOVE this child!!

Happy weekend! ENJOY!


Wednesday, April 25

Crawfish Festival

A few weekends ago, we headed down to the river for the annual Ragin’ Cajun Crawfish Festival. It’s always a good time! This year we decided to take the kiddos along, and they seemed to really enjoy it!


LK was still tired from her sleepover the night before.


It was VERY windy down by the river!!


LK was NOT a fan of the wind! haha!


My Crew!




See what I mean about the wind??! (and WOW, Mommy looks GHOSTLY!)

DSC_0359       DSC_0328

The crawfish coming straight off the truck, dumped into the cooker, and then right into the buckets to serve! DELISH!! The kiddos got a big kick out of watching the process.


Goodness in a bucket!


Surprisingly, the mudbugs were GINORMOUS!! And absolutely yummy! Just the right amount of spiciness!


Ethan decided that he wanted to give it a try. So, Chris taught him “Crawfish 101”.

DSC_0338  DSC_0340  DSC_0341

HE LOVED IT!!!! A boy after my own heart! He’ll make such a good little Ole Miss frat boy one day! ;)

DSC_0343       DSC_0344

My precious 3!


Gray wasn’t too sure of these little critters


This little guy was scampering across the concrete as far away from the cooker as possible!



After we hung around a while and indulged in some crawfish, we walked down to the Peabody so that LK could see the ducks. She loves the ducks.


DSC_0379       DSC_0382

Gray had never seen the ducks.. and probably had never seen a fountain either. He was amazed!

DSC_0384       DSC_0387




He was swaying along to the piano!


He loved getting to see the ducks! LK always loves visiting the Peabody! I think Daddy better start saving up for her future wedding! I see the Peabody and an Elvis impersonator in our future!! ;)

DSC_0399       DSC_0409

After we got home, everyone was beyond tired!! I couldn’t resist keeping Gray up for a few pics though!

We had such a great time at the Crawfish Festival! Now that we know that the kids like it, we’ll definitely take them from now on!! I LOVE crawfish season! Makes me remember all the crawfish boils that we had for sorority functions at Ole Miss! Always fun!

Friday, April 20

Weekend Fun

This past weekend, was another one filled with exciting activities! We started off bright and early Saturday morning with soccer game #3. I LOVE Ethan’s games.. but getting everyone out of the house and to the fields by 8:45 can be quite tricky!!! Thank goodness the fields are only 5min from home.



DSC_0298       DSC_0299

Look at Ethan in all that action!!! He played GREAT on Saturday!


After the game, we took LK to her very first sleepover!!! OHMY! My sweet baby is old enough for sleepovers!!! AHH!! Talk about Momma having an emotional breakdown! She did GREAT though!! It was at her sweet friend, Maddi’s house. I went to get her early the next morning. She was exhausted! ha!

After dropping LK off at the sleepover, Gray and I headed over to a bridal shower for our friend, Mallory. Mal is the little sister of one of my dearest friends, Amanda. Amanda was hosting a lingerie shower for Mal. She did a great job! All of the decorations were adorable and the food was delicious!! Mal got some CUTE things too! ;)


She got a super cute hanger with her name on it. “Mrs. Box”


Mal went to open this gift and the card said that it was from her dad. She said, “Wow! That’s awkward!”

Then, she opened it…

DSC_0310      DSC_0311

ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!! If you know Amanda & Mallory’s dad, then it’s 10x’s funnier!! Oh,that crazy Shemwell family!! Love them!

While, Gray and I were at the shower, Chris and Ethan had a boys day at Putt Putt..

photo 5 (2)   photo 1 (3)

They had a fun afternoon of riding go karts, hitting balls in the batting cages, and playing some arcade games!

photo 1 (2)   photo 4 (2)

Later that night, we made a Target run (obviously for the essentials.. Cherry coke, Kashi, and baseballs! haha! – OH.. and Ninjago!) Little man wanted to sit like a big boy!

photo 2 (2)   photo 3 (2)

After we got home, it was Ninjago fun and Star Wars Wii!! SUCH a great boys night in! Ethan was WORN OUT!!!

photo 2 (3)

Ethan got a new look on Sunday!!! NO MORE BABY!!! I think I cried a little when I saw it! He is such a big boy!!! We had been talking about it for a few days though. He starts T-Ball in a few weeks and we knew it was needed. That helmet is going to be HOT! I tried to delay it as much as possible. I just LOVE long hair on little boys… especially Ethan. It just fits him! I hope he keeps it longer when he gets older. (like his Daddy did!)

We had SUCH fun Saturday!!!