Thursday, April 29

What I bought...

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on The Undomestic Momma's blog!! YAY! It was a $25 gift card to Kangaroodle. Once I stopped by their website, I immediately fell in love and had NO IDEA what to buy with my $$! (doesn't this always happen!? ha!)But, I finally found what would be a perfect addition to our house!!

Splat Mats!!

These will be going in the kid's playroom under their art easel and art roll on the wall!! I got a blue one for E and a brown "girly" one for LK! I can not wait to get them!!

Thank you Taylor for hosting such a fun giveaway!! :)


Will's Birthday Party!

Last weekend was Will's birthday party! I promised to post pictures of all the goodies at the party!! Cassie was so kind to post some on FB, so I stole them! :) (thanks, Cass!!) I'm so glad that everything turned out so beautifully and the party looked fantastic!!

Obviously, I did not make the cake.. but WOW!! Is that not amazing!?!

And.. here's the sweet Birthday Boy with his mommy & daddy!! Gosh - he is just too cute!

I'm so glad that I could help to make your day even more special! :)


Happy Mother's Day!

Ok.. I know it's a few weeks early, but my Mother's Day gift came early and I'm SOO excited to share!!

Last night, there was a knock on my door and the UPS man delivered a box.. on were the words I LOVE to see.. kate spade! YAY!! My sweet hubby came through yet again and got me the most fabulous MD Gift!! I have had my eye on this handbag quite some time.. I am IN.LOVE!

Thank you, Chris!!! You are by far THE BEST!! I love you!:)


Monday, April 26

our weekend..

This weekend turned out to be rather stormy in the Memphis area, so all plans that we had made were suddenly canceled! :( But, we still made the most of it and managed to have a little fun!

The weekend started with a little "No Cavity - Bright & White" photo shoot.. ha! Chris had to work late on Thursday, so it was just the kids and me till bedtime. Of course, being the camera hogs that they are, they were more than willing to play along.. :)

Ethan's idea of a smile!

please excuse the way I look.. it's my "OH SO CLOSE to bedtime" look! ha!

see those circles.. geez!! haha!

Friday, the storms started coming in, so we just ordered in pizza and hung out at home! I will still sick from my sinus infection, so I wasn't up for much. We were supposed to go to a fishing rodeo on Saturday, but that definitely got canceled! We saw some pretty bad weather Saturday morning, but luckily escaped all the tornadoes that hit just south of us. Thank goodness!
So, instead of fishing on Saturday morning, we took the kids to storytime at Davis Kidd! It was so fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy it! It was a "birthday party" theme that day, so they got to have cupcakes after the book was read!

After story time, we went across the street to Corky's for lunch and then to Outdoors to get Daddy some new shoes! By the time we were finished with that, the 2nd wave of the storm was about to it, so we headed home for naps!

Saturday night, Chris and I met my grandparents down at the casinos for dinner. We were supposed to see a show, but that too was canceled b/c of the weather! :( We were still able to enjoy a YUMMY meal at the Horseshoe steakhouse though! We played a little bit at the slots and then decided to head back to Memphis. No winnings.. DARN!

Sunday morning, we went to week 3 of our New Member class at church (only 1 more week!! YAY!) and then Chris took me to the doctor b/c I was STILL feeling awful! Unfortunately, I had let my sinus infection go too far and it had turned into an awful cold, so now I'm loaded up on anticotics and Claritin! But, I'm already starting to feel better! Good thing too, b/c LK's class is headed to the zoo tomorrow for a field trip! Sunday was GORGEOUS outside, so Chris took the kids and Huck to the park to run around. I had to stay in bed though! :( Hopefully, this week I'll start to feel much better and will be able to get back to normal activities!


Friday, April 23

Show Us Your Life - How I Met My Husband!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today, Kelly's Korner, is hosting "How You Met Your Husband" on SUYL. I thought this was a really cute idea!

Chris and I met in April of 2003 through mutual friends. One of my best friends, Amanda, was dating one of his friends, Brian. Chris and I both had recently been in relationships. BTW - the girl he was dating before me.. LOVE HER! She's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met and talk about gorgeous!! Everytime Jennifer is brought up in a conversation, I tell Chris that he was crazy to go from HER to ME! haha! :) I had just very recently gotten out of mine. Daniel and I had dated on and off for almost 2 years - and, at the time, it ended badly... so I was definitely not interested in dating anyone! Amanda was persistant in wanting me to hang out with her and Brian and his friends. I kept putting it off until one night she called and said that they were going to Huey's for dinner. Well, hey.. a girl's gotta eat, right?! :) AND, Huey's cheese fries are by far my most favorite meal ever! So, I gave in and went. If you can imagine a table FULL of 19-20 year old boys (drinking whiskey on fake i.d.'s, i might add!) and only two girls.. me being the only single one.. you can imagine how entertaining the night was! ha! I really didn't think much of Chris at the time. I mean, I sat next to him and we chatted, but that was about it.

A few weekends later, my friend, Jennifer, and I decided to go to Double Decker in Oxford. Double Decker is a little outdoors music festival in the town square. Jennifer had actually just broken up with her boyfriend too, so by the time I got to her house (after her calling me every single minute on the dot asking where I was!) she had drank an entire bottle of wine BY.HER.SELF! Yes - a hot mess is exactly what she was! But, we went anyway. While walking around, I spotted a guy named Justin, he is Chris' best friend and was also at Huey's that night. We both saw each other at the same time and had that "Hey.. I think I know that person from somewhere" look! He got Chris' attention and Chris came running up and gave me the biggest hug imaginable. Now.. this was definitely the alcohol talking b/c my husband is NEVER that outgoing sober! haha! I think it was right then and there that I knew that I liked him. He was funny and bold and quite charming! :) Because of this encounter at Double Decker, Jennifer always refers to my husband as "the guy she met at Double Decker"!! Oh Jen B - I do love her!

The next weekend, the "group", yet again met up at Huey's. This time I brought along my brother, Ricky. Up to this point, Ricky had played baseball with every single guy that I had liked or dated.. so, I needed to make sure that he approved of Chris. (ha! what a good sister I am!) After dinner, we all went back to Justin's house (Chris' best friend) and just sat around and chatted. Good thing.. Ricky approved of Chris! :)

We actually ran into each other a few more times at MusicFest and BBQ Fest before he finally asked me out on a date. We went to dinner and a movie. (so exciting, I know.. ha!) After that we were pretty much inseperable for the rest of the summer.

So.. that magical Huey's encounter (haha!) was history in the making! It led us to a wonderful marriage, two babies and a lifetime of happiness. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world. I have never loved anyone as much as Chris.


Thursday, April 22

Veggie Friends!

This week I have been stuck in bed with the worst sinus infection ever! The pollen finally hit me and I have paid for it all week! Luckily, Mr. Stickles has stepped up and been the most incredible Mr. Mom in the world. I seriously have no idea what I would do without him!!

I did manage to crawl out of bed last night though to help LK with a school project. They are finishing up Vv week and got to bring in a Veggie Friend to share with the class. We chose an artichoke as the vegtable of choice and made her quite girly!! I stopped by Michael's and picked up some curly hair, googly eyes (with eyelashes, of course!), sunglasses and a boa! LK went to town on her veggie and I think it turned out SO cute!!

Meet... Alice the Artichoke!

this is Alice's PINK shoebox home!

LK was so excited to take her veggie to school!

And because LK was having fun with vegtables, Ethan had to join in on the fun too..

Meet Kooky the Kool Kucumber! (had to go with all K's for that one!) ;)

On another note, the kid's had their dentists appointments this morning..

LK was yet again cavity free!! Her teeth look perfect. We're just still waiting on more baby ones to fall out! (although, I dont think the tooth fairy is waiting on that one! ha!)

Ethan had his very first visit this morning and did GREAT! I was so proud of him!! They weren't sure if they were going to do a cleaning or not (since he's not 3 yet), but when they took him back to see Lilly Kate's cleaning, he wanted to be just like his big sister and let them clean his! I was shocked! The dentist did say that it was time to give up the paci. He only gets it at night, but he's getting too big now! He had a talk with E about maybe giving his pacis to the baby animals at the zoo.. so, I think we might try that approach soon! :) Ethan didn't seem too enthused though! lol We've been trying for a while, but he's SO attached to it!! So, if we can just get that and potty training down pat, we'll be good to go! He's SO CLOSE on both!! OH - and he too is cavity free!

I really hope they both continue to have healthy teeth and enjoy going to the dentist! I've always loved going and having my teeth cleaned. LK was shocked when I told her that at almost 28 years old, I am Cavity FREE too! (and yes - I am WAY proud and would probably cry like a little kid if I got one.. haha!) So.. here's to no cavities!! YAY! :) Now, to get Chris to the dentist for a cleaning... hmmmm... ha!


Monday, April 19

Grove Bowl 2010

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and made our way down to the "Promised Land".. aka - Oxcord, Mississippi.. OLE MISS! :)

If you can believe it or not.. the kids had never been to Ole Miss.. never! I know.. I can't really believe it either. But, that all changed this weekend. They made their first trip down and fell in love! (i knew they would.. they're just like their mama!) ;) We've been wanting to take them down for a game for forever, but just couldn't bring ourselves to spend the $50+ on a game ticket on the slight chance that they would hate it and not last the game. So, we've held off, waiting for a good chance. This weekend we got our chance! The Ole Miss football team was holding the Grove Bowl. It's the annual red/blue team spring scrimmage. Tickets were MUCH less.. a definite plus!

We got down there about 2hrs before the game, just in time to do a little tailgating and playing. Luckily, they had 4 bounce houses set up in the Grove, so that kept them busy for about an hour! After that, we ate in the Grove and then walked around showing them the beautiful campus. We then made our way to the stadium for the game. Of course, just as we were walking to the stadium, the clouds broke free and the afternoon heat starting bearing down on us. I was waiting for LK to start complaining and no doubt she did!!! She lasted about 20 min in the stadium before we started hearing "It's toooo loud!!" "I'm hot and sweating!!".. oh, Lilly Kate!! Ethan could have cared less about the loudness and heat.. He was having the time of his life! I've never seen a kid so "in his element" like this kid was! Every time the line of scrimmage would come down to where we were sitting, he would get so excited! We are going to have to work on his team knowledge though. He got a little confused a few times and yelled out "Go MEMPHIS TIGERS!!" Umm.. NOT OK!! haha! We're definitely going to have to work on that for this season! ;) We stayed for about an hour and then headed back to the Grove.

All in all, it was an incredible day! The kids had a blast and I had so much fun watching them run around in the Grove and enjoy a game! We will definitely be going back for an "official" game this fall! Wellll... maybe not LK.. but definitely Ethan! ha! We'll have to make sure LK goes to a game later in the fall.. like, late October! (not as hot! = not as much complaining!!)

Daddy's Girl!!

Me & My Future Ole Miss Girl! (and yes, we stopped by my sorority house.. although, she was a little confused by what exactly a sorority is.. Chris' explanation of an "Ole Miss Sorority Girl" didn't help AT ALL!! haha! - oh well, she'll get it one day!) :)

Love this man!

YAY for bounce houses in the Grove!!! Whoever thought of this idea... I LOVE YOU!! :)

We met Colonel Reb!! LK said, "Mommy, LOOK!! It's the Hotty Toddy man!!"

LK got into "photoshoot" mood.. so, I snapped away!!

in front of the Lyceum

Vaught - Hemingway Stadium!

sooo intent on the action!

my sweet babies!

Ethan did this the whole time....

while Lilly Kate did this...

discussing the game..

She wanted a foam finger (i know.. a foam finger.. who knows why!!) So, this is her "Daddy, PLEASE!!!" She's already a pro at it! And you can see he's doing is best to ignore it! haha!

She was getting on to him for something... I see this exact scene playing out again in about 15 years!!

E made a friend!


OH - and here's that foam finger that Daddy was NOT going to get!!! He's such a sucker! haha!

Nope.. she's not excited at all!

Lord, help me! haha!

And because LK got something, Ethan had to get someting too! He chose a baseball, of course! And wouldn't you know that they were both EIGHT DOLLARS!! Are you kidding me?! Good thing I wasn't standing there when she gave the total, I would have glady said NO THANKYOU!! But those smiling faces made it worth it! :)

We had such a fun time down in Oxford! Although, attitudes were definitely fading on the way home! They both managed to pass out toward the end of the trip though. (thank goodness! ha!)

Sunday, we had our 2nd New Members Class and even ran into a few friends who were vising our church! After church we went home to get everything ready for a family dinner. My grandmother's sister is visiting from New York, so we had everyone over for steaks last night! Chris did such a good job.. it was so yummy! I hope Aunt Mary and Grams have a wonderful week together!! I think they're going down to the casinos tomorrow.. watch out Tunica!! ha! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! And THANK YOU for all the book suggestions!!! Ya'll are the best!! :)