Saturday, August 31

Our Summer via Instagram!

I’ve been terrible at updating the blog over the summer and I’ve been even more terrible at taking pictures with anything other than my phone! Well, here’s our summer through the IG lens! ;)

IMG_0568  IMG_0572

My baby sister graduated high school!! When did she get so big??!

IMG_0581  IMG_0626

IMG_0633  IMG_0640

Nothing beats a Jerry’s Sno Cone!!!

IMG_0648  IMG_0649

IMG_0656  IMG_0658

IMG_0665  IMG_0667

IMG_0670  IMG_0675

LK got strep!! That was NO fun!!!

IMG_0678  IMG_0686

IMG_0696  IMG_0697

We swam… A LOT!

IMG_0720  IMG_0728

IMG_0735  IMG_0756

IMG_0764  IMG_0769

IMG_0776  IMG_0783

My brother took Ethan on his annual birthday trip to the FedEx/St. Jude Classic golf tournament b/c Chris had to go out of town for work! Thanks, Uncle RP!!

IMG_0784  IMG_0792

They had a blast and even did a few meet and greets!

IMG_0809  IMG_0818

IMG_0821  IMG_0829

IMG_0861  IMG_0886

IMG_0891  IMG_0899

Ethan turned 6!!!!

IMG_0900  IMG_0902

IMG_0906  IMG_0917

LK went to her very first sewing class!! She did great and LOVED it!!!

IMG_0923  IMG_0928

IMG_0934  IMG_0949

IMG_0942  IMG_0943

Monday, August 26

Phone Pics from the beach!

Almost finished with beach pictures!!! YAY! Here’s some phone pictures….


Our car was super packed!!!

IMG_1425  IMG_1431

We got to the beach around noon, ate lunch, then headed to the sand!

IMG_1432  IMG_1459

IMG_1461  IMG_1462

Kiddos LOVED the ocean!!!!

IMG_1463  IMG_1465

I got to wear my My Town Tees tank! Great beach coverup!!

IMG_1474  IMG_1476

IMG_1478  IMG_1484

Ethan had a blast fishing with Daddy and Uncle RP! And, sweet baby Reese loved snuggling up to RP!

IMG_1486  IMG_1493

Breakfast on the beach.. doesn’t get much better!

IMG_1515  IMG_1516

Nighttime crabbin’!

IMG_1517  IMG_1520

IMG_1528  IMG_0495.JPG (3)

IMG_0499.JPG (3)  IMG_0503.JPG (2)

Chris took some great photos of Ethan fishing!! Good job, Dad!

IMG_0501.JPG (3)

He wasn’t a fan of the bait! ha!

IMG_0505.JPG (2)  IMG_0506.JPG (2)

IMG_0507.JPG (3)  IMG_0510.JPG (2)

IMG_0518.JPG (3)

We had such an amazing time!!!