Monday, January 28

My Little Lady

I absolutely, positively CAN NOT believe it…. my little girl is NINE years old!!! Where have 9 years gone?? Just yesterday she was this small..


On January 28, 2004 at 12.46 in the afternoon my life forever changed. This little thing came 5 weeks early and has been leading her own path ever since!


She was so happy and smiley and still is! She’s the most cheerful and sweet natured little girl you’ll ever meet!


LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!!!!! They still get me!


Sasspot from Day 1!




Me and My Girl (note to self – look that young and skinny ASAP!)


Lilly Kate was born 6 days after our sweet Grandma Mae turned 90. This year, Grandma is 99 and still going strong! Two of the most precious Southern ladies I know!

I am beyond blessed to be this little girl’s mom! Sweet girl, I hope you have an incredible birthday!!!


My absolute FAVORITE LK pic!!!! Gah.. how did she get so big so fast??? :)

Wednesday, January 16

Since Christmas…

We honestly haven’t been doing much since Christmas and New Years. It’s hard to get back in the swing of things after being on a relaxed schedule for several weeks. And, we ALL got spoiled with having Daddy home for those 2 weeks!! (BEST part of his job!!!) Unfortunately, he’s back to his “out of town” schedule and has been gone since last Monday. So, we’re just trying to keep everyone sane and healthy. The healthy part has been quite tricky! 3 kids in Ethan’s class have come down with the flu and it’s spreading like wildfire around the school. Ethan was actually sick this week with flu symptoms. So, Gray and LK went to hang out with my Mom, while he recuperated. I am NOT ready to have the flu running rampant in the house! Especially with Chris out of town! No, Thank you!!


We’ve been playing with the trains a lot. Gray seems to really like them. I might have to break down and buy another train table!

DSC_0047       DSC_0051


DSC_0055       DSC_0056

We also got a new friend in the house! The kids have been begging for a turtle for forever. Well, Chris happened to find a baby turtle while he was at work one day and brought him home. So, now we have “Squirt”! He’s a Red Eared Slider.. aka – aquatic turtle. So, he has to have a tank with mostly water and just a little “land” to get some sun. He’s a cute little thing!! The kids love him. But, guess who’s taking care of said turtle??? This chick! Yep, Chris finds him, brings him home, let’s the kids fall in love with it, leaves town for work…. and I’M the one taking care of it! Of course! And let’s not even talk about how often I’m disinfecting it’s area b/c of fear of salmonella! it’s ridiculous!! Who knew a turtle could be so much work?!

DSC_0059       DSC_0060

I was taking these through the take so they’re not that great!


So, basically we’ve just been hanging out, playing, avoiding the funk, and relaxing!


Sweet Baby!


Best of friends!!!


Tuesday, January 15

Ringing in 2013!

The past few years, we have made a tradition out of spending NYE with our Caldwell friends. Last year we went up to Nashville and the year before that they were in Memphis. This year, they happened to be in Memphis again. April had Aniston Reese the week of Thanksgiving and this was their first time home to see family and friends. We decided to make a “get together” out of NYE. We invited several friends over to hang out and love on the new baby.


April, Marc, and Kelley

DSC_0002       DSC_0004

Amanda loved getting to hold Reese. So did all the little girls.


Haley and Aaron


The Boys!


Marc and his sweet Kate.

DSC_0008       DSC_0009

The girls put on a fashion show for everyone!

DSC_0011       DSC_0012

It was a FULL house!


DSC_0016       DSC_0018

The kids played Just Dance 4 on the Wii and had a blast! It was very entertaining!!



Hilarious! All the parents watching!



Even Gray and Abigail got in on the action!

DSC_0028       DSC_0030




DSC_0035       DSC_0036






We had a great time ringing in 2013 with our great friends! Just after midnight see the night, we all called it a night. The Caldwells stayed the night with us. That meant that the girls all bunked in LK’s room, the Caldwells stayed in Ethan’s room, and the boys slept with Chris and I. I don’t think ANYONE got a good night’s sleep!! Oh well! It was worth it to be able to see our favorite friends! We wish we could see them more often!

Happy 2013, everyone!!

Monday, January 14

Christmas Day (#4 & #5)

We were expecting the kids to be awake super early. Ethan and LK woke up around 7am. We had to wake Gray up at 8am! Couldn’t believe it!! Of course, the ONE morning that he decides to sleep in, is the one morning that we have to get up super early! Figures! ;)

The kiddos were so excited to see all their Christmas gifts!

DSC_0118       DSC_0119

It was overload!!

DSC_0120       DSC_0123



We couldn’t forget our favorite puppy!!



He was itching to try out his new bike!

DSC_0133       DSC_0138

Chris went to wake Gray up and he immediately went for his tricycle.



Ethan was very excited about his new Hawkeye crossbow!


LK was happy to get the AG doll tent that she’s been wanting.

DSC_0153       DSC_0158

After opening all the gifts, Grams came over for breakfast. Then we got to playing with all of our fun new toys!

DSC_0168       DSC_0175

Just in case anyone was wondering… I am a Lego building and train track making MASTER!

We attempted to try out the new bikes, but it was super cold and rainy that day. It still hasn’t been really great outside but he’s been able to ride it a few times.

DSC_0185       DSC_0187


Later that day, Noni and Papa, along with Brittany and Brian, came over for Christmas #5! Last year, we started a new tradition where we stay home on Christmas Day. It’s been wonderful!!


DSC_0202       DSC_0207


We had a great time seeing everyone and celebrating Christmas with them!

The day after Christmas we got an unexpected snow! The kiddos had a blast playing in it!!!

DSC_0215       DSC_0223



Our “day after” White Christmas was wonderful. Just like the rest of our fabulous holiday! I just love celebrating Christmas with my family!