Sunday, November 29

Giving Thanks & Decking The Halls!

What a weekend! Our weekend began last Tuesday afternoon with Lilly Kate's Indian PowWow and just kept on going! We woke up early Thursday morning and watched the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! I look forward to it every year and always anticipate seeing the Rockettes and, of course, SANTA! While we were all watching the parade, I started in on making our casseroles for dinner at my grandmothers. Last year we hosted Thanksgiving at our house, so it was nice to take things at a MUCH slower pace this year. Dinner was definitely yummy and Grams did such a wonderful job!

my brother, Nathan, and Ethan.. these two are so alike, it's just scary! ;)

Family Pic - Take 1

Family Pic - Take 2

Goo Goo and her babies

Miss Sass!

After dinner we all headed over to Chris' parents for supper. I think we were all WAY too full from Gram's b/c all we managed to eat was desert! It was so nice to be able to spend the day with family though! We are so blessed with such a big family on both sides, so it gets a little stressful trying to squeeze everyone in, but it's all worth it in the end! :)

Friday we all got out and did a little Black Friday shopping! This year I have really procrastinated in buying Christmas gifts, but after our shopping on Friday... I almost halfway done! We were able to make it through Toys R Us, Target and the mall! Luckily, my chauffeur (aka - Chris) was kind enough to drop me off at the door and then drive around and wait on me, so we didn't have to fight for a parking spot! I was a super shopping that day... I had a goal and quickly found what I needed and purchased! It was so much fun! Well, minus the occasional road rage outburst from the driver! ha! I doubt he will ever again join me for Black Friday shopping!

Saturday turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day! We decided to get out of the house and take Miss Dixie to the park! We spent about an hour just running around and having fun! It was so relaxing after such a hectic day the day before. The kid's loved it!

Saturday evening, I decided to start getting the Christmas decorations out. What a core! I seriously just do not know how we have accumulated so much Christmas stuff.. well, really just holiday stuff in general. Chris and I pulled at least 6 tubs down from the attic! And two of them were the oversized, double ones! I got about half of the decorations put up.. but still have the other half and the tree to put up next weekend! We are going to get our real tree next weekend! :) We also still have to put the outside decorations up too! I haven't quite decided if I'm going to have Chris put up lights.. we may just put lights in the bushes along the front walk?! Ethan also wants a blow up snowman.. I typically hate those things, but we'll see... I tend to give in where the kid's are concerned! ha!

some of the fall stuff to be put away

the kid's baby stockings... so sweet! i can't believe it's been two years since E's was used and FIVE since LK's was used! (*tears*)  :)

And what exactly were Chris and the kiddos doing while I decorated??? Goofing off, of course! Well, at least he was keeping them busy and away from all the breakables!

the rest of the decorations still waiting! SO much stuff!

usually Dixie is right up in the middle of all the action, but she was no where to be found! i went searching for her and found her in her bed! i guess all the fresh air really wore her out!

I went by Hobby Lobby Saturday and found the cutest material for LK! (for 50% off!) I used the brown & pink to make her a little jumper. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the pink & green print for just yet.. maybe some appliques?!

We got up early Sunday morning and went to church. We were so excited b/c Chris' cousin, Michael, was speaking at our church this weekend. He started with Living Hope in 2006 and then moved to Texas for school. Since he was in town for the holidays, they asked him to come speak. His sermon was incredible and we greatly enjoyed getting to hear him!

Later that afternoon we all went to Nana & Papa's (Chris' grandparents) for family pictures. Nana always likes to get pictures of the great-grandbabies during the holidays. It's about the only time we're all together! We managed to get a few cute ones, but it's always so difficult with so many kiddos running around!

LK is wearing the jumper I made... it turned out pretty cute!

We really had such a wonderful weekend! I am definitely not looking forward to getting up in the morning and starting the week! 5 days of no schedules, lunches and homework has really spoiled me. But never-the-less, back to the grind we go! We have another busy week ahead and I have more shopping to do tomorrow (Cyber Monday)!!

ethan is doing great with his potty training... this is him in the half bath downstairs.. book and all! 

Wednesday, November 25

just a few videos . . .

This is what I woke up too this morning.. gotta love it! My 2 (3 including Dixie) babies!

Ethan had a "Grandparent's Day" program at Christ Methodist last Friday. He sang "If You're Happy & You Know It".. well, he and LK found the song on his music player and were happy to put on a little show for Daddy & I! SO cute!!!

LK has been learning some new songs lately too! A few weeks ago she came home saying that she learned a song a German.. and she was right! You might know the tune as "The More We Get Together"..

I tried to Google the English lyrics to what she is singing, but like any folk tune.. there's LOTS of versions. I found this "American Children's" Version though and it sounds pretty similar to what she's signing.. so we're just going with it! :)

American children's version:
Oh, my dear, Augustin, Augustin, Augustin!
Oh, my dear, Augustin, all is kaput!
Money gone, Honey gone.
Money gone, honey gone.
Oh, my dear, Augustin, my [or your] goose is cooked!


Indian Pow-Wow

Yesterday was Lilly Kate's Thanksgiving celebration at school. The Kindergarten classes had an Indian Pow-Wow and went different classrooms to make crafts, play games and eat snacks. Our classroom had two different games. One was the "Turkey Beanbag Toss" and the other was the "Pilgram & Indian Ball Toss". The kids had so much fun! They even got to dress up like little indians with their vests, feather headbands and bead necklaces! What a fun activity for all the kids! :)

my little indian!

E loved getting to hang out with the "big kids"!


Monday, November 23

An Amazing Hotty Toddy Day!

Wow! What a weekend!!! Chris and I got up and dropped the kids off early Saturday morning at his parents and then headed down to Oxford for, what we hoped!, would be a gorgeous day in the Grove and an exciting Rebel win! And boy, did we get just what we were anticipating!! We made it down to the Grove a few hours before kickoff and were able to "grove" (aka - tailgate) with several friends. We munched on some yummy Abner's chicken (an Ole Miss staple) and some even more delish shrimp etouffee!

 I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the game by a FedEx Sales Rep. So, that meant Chris and I got to watch the game in the FedEx Suite! What an amazing view! There was enough wine and beer to last into the wee hours and the food was amazing! I dont know who did their fried chicken, but it was ALMOST as good as my Great Grandma Mae's! ;) Not only was the view incredible, but our fellow suite attendees were too. We were able to watch the game with Mr. FedEx himself, Fred Smith, as well as the Touhy Family. You might know the Touhy family from the new movie, The Blind Side. (you can read more about their amazing story here)

I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting the game to be very good. LSU has had a pretty good season (as usual) and I just wasn't expecting it to be all the exciting. Could I have been any more WRONG! It was one of the most nail-biting, edge of your seat games I've ever been too! It's right up there with that 7 overtime game we played against Arkansas in 2001! Arkansas finally beat us by 2 points in that game (58 - 56), but this time it was us beating LSU by 2 points!!! The game literally went down to the VERY last second of the game! Everyone was just on pins and needles and NO ONE left the stadium! What a victory! The final score was 25-23.

*our view from the south end zone suites*

After the exciting win, we headed back to the Grove to celebrate! We were able to meet up with my Uncle Michael and a few of my cousins. It's always such a treat to see my favorite uncle!! :)

We got back to Memphis really late in the evening, so most of Sunday was spent relaxing at home. Not to mention that my room mom responsibilities were in full swing again. I had 21 t-shirts to dye brown and bead to make into indian vests for the Thanksgiving PowWow! The PowWow is tomorrow, so I have a very excited little 5yr old! :)

I hope everyone has a great week! I'm still on my game winning high, so I am quite bubbly today! (or so I've been told.. ha!) Looking forward to lots of yummy food later in the week! :)

Friday, November 20

Time for an Update!

Well, it's been a while since I've given a good old fashioned Stickles Family update! Honestly, not much has been going on! Dont get me wrong.. we're ridiculously busy all the time.. just with nothing big! Life has been moving along pretty smooth for us lately. October was a month of birthdays for us.. I turned 27 on the 20th and Chris turned 26 on Nov 1st. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about 27.. that just seems SO close to 30th.. probably b/c IT IS!

Unfotunately, LK has come down with the flu! Thankfully her H1N1 test was negative! She has been coughing and running a fever for about a week now. Poor thing! Luckily, no one else in the house has caught it. (thank you Lord!) It has been quite tricky dropping Ethan off at school and not LK. He gets so upset that "Sister" gets to stay home and he doesn't. :(

Chris is almost finished with his first semester back in school! WAHOOO!! I am so proud of him. He's done so well. He actally has a test tonight.. so, Good Luck!! We love you! :)

Other than juggling sick babies, I have had my hands full with my Room Mom job! It never ends! This week we've been ordering t-shirts and getting ready for Thanksgiving. (hopefully LK will be back in school by then!) Tuesday night was Open House, so I had to go solo and go peek at all of LK's cute schoolwork. I am absolutely in love with her school. We made the best decision in the world by sending her there. And we are truly blessed to have Mrs. Jeffrey as her teacher.

We are finally getting ready for the holidays around the house! Next week we are anticipating lots of yummy food for Thanksgiving! (and lots of shopping if Mommy has her way!) :) I've started receiving early "Black Friday" Ads, so I've already started planning my Friday morning! I know some of you won't believe it, but I have not started on my Christmas shopping!!! AHHH! Usually by Thanksgiving, I have half of the list already purchased. Not this year though! I just haven't had the time! This weekend I plan to sit down online and order everything that needs to be ordered, that way all I have left to do is go to the stores. I am SO behind and it's really starting to stress me out! ha!

This weekend Chris and I are heading down to Oxford, MS for the OleMiss/LSU game!! HOTTY TODDY!!! We are so excited to see friends and family. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post on Monday (and hopefully we'll have a WIN!)

Here's a few random pictures to share....

Ethan being kissed to death by Maisie (Aunt BB's new puppy). Ethan was finally still and on her level, so she just couldn't resist! :)

LK playing "hide n seek" at Noni & Papa's

Is my child NOT a camera ham?! And look at those faces.. hilarious! Never a dull moment in this house! :)

Lately, we've been running around so much that we get alot of this....

Oh, aren't they so sweet when they're sleeping?! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!