Friday, April 12

Sunshine = Park Time!

After the game on Saturday, we ran home to change clothes, ate some lunch, and then headed to the park! We couldn’t let the sunshine go to waste!! We attempted to go to Shelby Farms, but it was a madhouse. So, we just went to a local park and surprisingly no one was there. It was nice and quiet and the kids could run loose.

DSC_0168     DSC_0170

Gray is getting very brave!

DSC_0172     DSC_0179

DSC_0182     DSC_0184

He loved the bouncy bridge!!







LK is such a good big sister!

DSC_0216     DSC_0227

DSC_0230     DSC_0237

DSC_0238     DSC_0239





DSC_0293     DSC_0300


We had a wonderful time at the park! The weather was amazing!! We continued all the fun outdoors on Sunday with baseball practice and then LOTS of yard work! Chris is about to start heading out of town again for work, so we’re trying to get everything done outside (everything pruned, flower beds redone and flowers planted, outdoor furniture stained and ready to go, and basically anything to start getting us ready for spring! We spent ALL day outside. It was wonderful!! I am so glad that spring is finally coming around!

Thursday, April 11

Life @ the ball field!!

Now that the weather is cooperating a little more, it feels like we are spending every waking minute outdoors! This past weekend definitely proved that! Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to head to the ball fields. Ethan had a game. We had to be there an hour early for team pictures. This all meant that I had to get his WHITE baseball pants spotless! Question – who in their right mind would give kids WHITE baseball pants??? Seriously! Unfortunately, after his last game, I did not realize just how muddy his pants were. So, they sat in the laundry room for about 4 days! YIKES! (don’t do that, moms!! save yourself the headache!) Fortunately, FB came to the rescue and I got several good tips for miracle stain removers!! One tip I got was a household cleaner called Greased Lightening. OH MY GRACIOUS! I sprayed this stuff on the pants, rubbed a little with a toothbrush and washed. The pants came out as white as can be!!!! Not a hint of dirt or mud left on them!!! I will be stocking up on this stuff! I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot of time in future years cleaning ball pants!

DSC_0005    DSC_0010

Warming up.. love it!


such a handsome little thing!



pretty girl


warming up on the fields!


He was so excited that Goo Goo, MeMaw, Noni, Papa, and Brittany all came to watch him play!

DSC_0047    DSC_0049

We even got a half wave (he’s too cool for cheering and waving during games.. it messes up his concentration! ha!)





look at that concentration!!!







His team did awesome!!! I love how this league is set up! He is loving baseball this year!! Sunday, he had practice and starting hitting with coach pitch more and more! I am one proud Mama! The day continued with even more outside fun…

Wednesday, April 10

Easter Morning

The kids were up bright and early Easter Morning to see what the bunny had left them! Yet again this year, they were spoiled!


Ethan’s basket was loaded with GI Joe men (Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander), Beyblades, and Hot Wheels cars for his Wall Tracks. Gray’s basket was filled with Thomas trains and Cars Legos and cars. He LOVES Cars right now!!


LK got new sunglasses, LaLaLoopsy items, and a Lilly Pulitzer planner.


They left the bunny a note, so of course, he had to leave one for them!








Gray was SO excited about his Cars Legos!!

DSC_0077   DSC_0078

LK and E went on a little mini egg hunt in the house! Although SOME people (aka – LK) was half asleep!

After digging into their Easter baskets and hunting a few eggs, it was time to get ready for church. While we were getting ready, we were able to join Michael’s church service in NYC via online. It was his very first service at his own brand new church in TriBeCa!! We are so excited for he, Kyndi, Jack, and Lucy!!


I tried to get a few pics of the kiddos in their Easter clothes…. TRIED… and failed! ha! ;)

DSC_0086   DSC_0088

LK’s dress was fabulous!!! One of my all time faves! It even has her name in it if you look closely!

DSC_0090   DSC_0093

DSC_0095   DSC_0104

DSC_0108   DSC_0111

Unfortunately with the weather being so nasty, it went from Easter “dress” to Easter “pants and top” for Mommy! If I could have worn my rain boots, I would have!!! After church, we ate a small snack, then headed to MeMaws for Easter with my family. Of course, I got no pictures!! Dinner was delicious and I have to say that the desert was to die for… I made it! ;) I made Lemon Cheesecake Squares, Banana Split Brownie Bites, and Rice Krispie Treats.

We had a wonderful Easter!! I hope y’all did too!