Monday, April 27

She turned 5.. and asked for diamonds...

Well, we didn't get her diamonds... but we did finally give in and let her get her ears pierced!! She was sooooo excited!! :)

The last picture of non pierced ears!

This is when she started to get a little nervous....

and then ALOT nervous....

They decided to do them both at the same time... THANK GOODNESS!!

Oh My Poor Baby... she cried for about 3 minutes....

and then she was fine! already picking out new earrings!! :) She's such a big girl!!

Mud Island Fishing Rodeo!

Early Saturday morning, the kids and I picked up Goo-Goo and headed down to Mud Island for a fishing rodeo! Little did we know the excitement that was waiting for us!! We had a blast! The "Gulf of Mexico" was stocked with HUGE catfish. Although, my little fisherman didn't catch any, some people came away with cooler-fulls! Next year, we are definitely recruiting Uncle RP for the day!! :) After the fishing fun, the kids got to splash around in the River Walk. I hadn't been to Mud Island since I was a small child, so it was surprisingly fun for me too! I can't wait to take the kids back again soon!

So... Bill Dance was a special guest at the event! He was right behind us the entire time. So, when Ethan decided to toss his pole into the water.. guess who came to fish it out for him!! Only Ethan will grow up being able to tell that story!

I guess Bill wasn't enough for the challange, because the Shelby Co Game Warden decided that he needed to help as well! Hilarious!!

Ethan LOVED the fish... and then the Firemen showed up! E got to climb on board!

Ethan decided that he wanted to fish in the BIG river! Gotta love his enthusiasm! :)