Friday, April 29

Easter Sunday 2011

We started off Easter Sunday by getting up extra early so Lilly Kate and Ethan could see all the goodies in their Easter baskets!

Ethan got the bow and arrow set that he's been wanting and some 3-D chalk for outside!

LK got Just Dance for the Wii, along with her own chalk!

They were also supposed to get new rainboots and umbrellas (which would have been extremely helpful the past few days!!!) buy Target didn't ship them in time! :( They'll just get extra happies later this week!

Chris showing E how to use his bow and arrow. Turns out that he's probably going to be a lefty! (he's also left handed in sports.. throwing the baseball, batting (actually a switch hitter), and shooting the basketball!) I asked Chris if Toys R Us had left handed bows.. he looked at me like I was crazy! ha! Looks like we'll be eventually purchasing one (probably an extremely expensive one!) when he's old enough to hunt with Uncle Ricky!

Just Dance was right up LK's alley!! She LOVED it!! I may have to worry about that girl one day! ;)

Easter Pic 2011! Go figure that the entire backyard was covered in purple azealas last week.. on Sunday, not a one! The green chair on the porch had to suffice!

We went to Nana and Papa's for Brunch later that morning. The kiddos had so much fun hunting for eggs and Easter baskets from Noni and Papa!

E was showing Paxton how to use the bow! They always have a great time playing together!

After brunch we went home for naps. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling a little gross, so I pretty much slept the rest of the day. We really had a great Easter weekend though!! I can't wait to have sweet Baby Gray here with us next year.. although, it looks like I'll have to completely get all new Easter baskets since PBK no longer has the fabric buckets! :( We are looking forward to another busy weekend ahead of us!


Thursday, April 28

28 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28 weeks and 1 day

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I gained 5 more lbs. So, 20lbs total. Still pretty good! MUCH better than my 40+ with Ethan! ha!

Maternity Clothes: Yes.. Pretty much everything now. My belly is just REALLY big. It seems like all 20lbs have gone straight to Gray.

Best Moment this week: I love getting to feel Gray move around.

Gender: It's A Boy - Gray Davis Stickles

Movement: Lots and lots of movement!

Food Craving: Not too much.. still alot of carbs and fruit.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly and sleeping through the night!

Sleep: It's ok. I wake up alot to use the restroom. And i'm just plain uncomfortable these days.

What I am looking forward to: Pics with Candice on Saturday!!

Belly Button: Sometimes in, sometimes out.. depending on how he's laying. I'm sure it'll be completely out very soon!

Symptoms: I actually got a call from my OB on Monday and found out that I failed my glucose test miserably! I was shocked!! I've been feeling fine and really have been eating healthy, so I thought for sure that I would pass. I just barely passed with LK and failed with Ethan. She said that I failed the 1hr so poorly that I dont even have to take the 3hr b/c there's no point! YIKES! So, they immediately just scheduled me to see a High Risk Specialist on Monday to do an ultrasound and teach me how to use diabetic equipment. So... looks like I will dieting and testing my blood sugar throughout the day! :(




Saturday Eggstravaganza!

We had such a fun day on Saturday! We all got up and going to head to 2nd Pres for the egg hunt! Several of Ethan's school friends were there. The Caldwells even came in from Jackson to go with us. It was such a great time! They started off with singing and a quick "sermon" of sorts about what Easter is all about! The Youth Pastor did a great job!! After that, It was on to hunt eggs!! Unfortunately, they did all the age groups at the same time, so I was only able to get pics of E. I think Chris got some of LK on his phone though, so when I get those, I'll post! :) It was EXTREMELY hot though!! Not to mention that we were on the PDS turfgrass football field, so the sun was just beaming off of it!

waiting to hunt his eggs!

 tons and tons of eggs!!

my baby is getting SO big!!! (and she sure makes pink look good!) ;)

they had several bounce houses and slides for the kiddos.. along with Chick-Fil-A!

Sweet Addyson and her baby, Sam.. they matched!

April and I put the dads on swing duty so we could chat!

After the egg hunt, The Caldwells came back to our house for lunch and more play time for the kiddos. LK LOVED getting to love all over Baby Abigail! Poor thing... she really wanted a baby sister!

After the egg hunt and our visit, we took quick naps and then headed to my Mom's for Easter supper. We decided to do it on Saturday this year, so that Sunday wasn't so crazy busy! It was a great idea!! Mom cooked a delish supper and even make an adorable bunny cake for the kids. And, of course, she had plenty of goodies for the kiddos!!

After supper at Mom's, we came back home to dye eggs. Grams came over too!! Poor Ethan was so tired that he didn't want to participate, but later changed his mind. This year they picked out a tie dye set and the eggs really did turn out cute!

Huck didn't know what to think of the eggs.

She took her tie dying VERY seriously!

E finally decided to join! Poor guy was half asleep!

After that it was straight to bed for an even busier Easter Sunday!! Saturday was a blast!! We came home with ridiculous amounts of candy. (which was definitely thrown out after a few pieces were indulged! no cavities in this house!!)