Friday, June 29

Summer HEAT!

I apologize for being a terrible blogger lately.. summer has been crazy! So far, we’ve had two camps (LK had Art Camp and Ethan had Lacrosse Camp), VBS, and let’s not forget that Chris has been out of town for 10 days of all of this! Whew! Momma is worn out!!! Thank goodness for my sweet Grams, her pool, and our amazing summer nanny, Alyssa! LIFESAVERS!

I’ll do a better update soon, but here are some phone pics that I’ve taken in the midst of all the craziness…

photo 2

E LOVES his 3DS that he got for his birthday!!

photo 1

G man was able to turn forward facing! He loves it!!! He sits in the middle so he is in the middle of all the action!

      photo 2    photo 5  

Speaking of Gray.. he has gotten QUITE brave lately! The other night I put Ethan in the bath, Gray wanted in so I put him in with Ethan. I washed him and let him play for about 5 min, then took him out. I got him dried off, lotioned up, and dressed – new diaper and t-shirt. Well, as soon as I was done with him he took back off to the bathroom. Before I could even catch up, he has CLIMBED IN the tub!! I heard “GRAY.. NOOOO!!!” and a splash! OH MY GOODNESS! This child is a daredevil, I tell y’all! He was quite proud of himself! My nerves are shot most days! ha!

 photo 4photo 3

He also likes to play with an old cozy coupe at my Grams. And what’s better than playing naked in the grass??! ;) He was in heaven!

photo 3

These two brighten my mornings!!!

photo 4

After the kids pictures the other night, we came back up from Mississippi near the airport. I couldn’t resist stopping at the end of the runways so that the kiddos could watch the plans take off and land. I remember do that at FedEx with my grandfather growing up. I definitely felt like a little kid again! Ethan thought it was the coolest thing he’d even seen! I even got a “Mom.. you are so awesome!” Made my day!!

photo 2

The sweet sweet man, Chris Stickles, had these sent to me while he was out of town! Boy, do I love him!

 photo 5

We did ALOT of swimming while Daddy was away! Ethan is diving like a mad man! This is his “Elvis Dive”!

photo 1

Essie glitter polish.. a BIG hit with 8yr old girls! Worth every penny to see that smiling face!!

photo 4

Gray decided to take his diaper off the other morning. This is the site that I woke up too. G-R-O-S-S! We had a long discussion! ;)

photo 3

Daddy FINALLY came home!!!! We missed him so much!

photo 5

Cool Dude! Love him!

I promise to do a better post soon! I hope everyone is having a fun, safe summer!!! It’s 105 in Memphis today!! YIKES!

Wednesday, June 27

Picture Preview

Sorry, I've been MIA lately! We have been ridiculously busy with summer activities! Not to mention that Chris has been out of town for a week and a half for work. He came back last night! YAY! I was about to lose it!! ;)

Before I try to get all caught up on our happenings, I had to brag on my sweet friend, Courtney for a bit! This past Sunday, we met her down in Southhaven, MS for a little photo shoot of the kiddos. I wanted 1yr pics of Gray and a few pics of all of them together. Boy, did she accomplish the mission!! She did a great job! Especially since her subjects were extremely hot and cranky!!! I am so pleased with them! She posted a few on FB this morning and I couldn't help but share!

She looks WAY too grown up!!!

This look melts my heart! That is Ethan Stickles in a nut shell!

My gigantic 1yr old!!! WOW!

LOVE this!!!

For Gray's 1yr pics, we did a red, white, and blue theme.. since he is a July 6th baby! ;) It turned out precious!!!

This one is my absolute favorite! He LOVED that wagon!!! (and he ROCKED that tie!!) ;)

More to come!!! I can't wait to see the rest!

Thursday, June 21

Ethan’s Birthday Part 2

After the party at The Little Gym, we came home for even more festivities! We had all the family members come over for cookie cake and popsicles. Ethan is such a loved little boy and everyone was so excited to share in his special day! :)

DSC_0223       DSC_0224

MeMaw, Matt, and Big Daddy were there!


The entire Stickles Clan!


He LOVED his cookie cake!!! He also had Jolly Rancher popsicles… is fave!


Patiently waiting on cake.. :)


DSC_0235   DSC_0236   DSC_0238

More candles and more wishes!





This is what G thought of all his brother’s attention! ;)

DSC_0251  DSC_0254  DSC_0257

E got some camo pj pants from Sally and Ricky, as well as, a Yoda doll from Noni and Papa. All of his other gifts were Target gift cards. Why, you might ask? Well, he requested a Nintendo 3DS for his birthday and everyone chipped in to help him buy it! With all of his gift cards, he had enough for a DS and a game! He was SOOO excited!!! :) BIG thanks to everyone… you made one little 5yr old EXTREMELY happy!!!

DSC_0261   DSC_0266   DSC_0271

Goo Goo brought some chairs for the boys!


DSC_0274       DSC_0279

Noni brought some punching balloons and Ethan WENT.TO.TOWN. on LK! It was like he some built up hostility and finally had a way to revenge it without getting in trouble!!! We had to eventually separate them! (Although, it was very funny to watch!) ;)

DSC_0280       DSC_0282


She got him back though!

DSC_0284 DSC_0286 DSC_0287 DSC_0288

Mommy, Daddy, LK and Gray got him new arrows for his bow and Vibram toe shoes! He had a great birthday!

Thank you SO SO much to all of our family for making this birthday boy’s day even more special!!! He had a wonderful day!!