Thursday, May 16

Planning and More Planning

It seems as though I'm always up to something around our house! The house projects NEVER end! There's always a pile of sewing that needs to be done. And, there seems to always be some sort of party or function for the kids that needs planning. Lately, it seems like I have all of the above going on!! It's been a little crazy, to say the least. Not to mention that Chris has been out of two for going on 2 weeks now! Fun, I tell you! ;)

Right now, the biggest projects (other than trying to coordinate summer plans/camps!) is getting the boys' room updated and ALL big boy, and also planning their birthday party!

First up, Bedroom... Here's the look I'm going for:

Boys' New Room

I've had their beds for forever. I bought them at a local antique store. I've purchased the bedding (the green strip and blue quilt above), a dresser that I'll paint green, and the ikea bookshelf - all above! The only thing left to purchase is a few shelves and Gray's mattress. I can't wait!!! They are excited to finally get everything together and I know Gray is more than excited to move up from a toddler bed to a big boy bed.
Next big project is planning their birthday party. Last year we did separate parties since they were each big years (Ethan was turning 5 and Gray was turning 1). From now on though, we're doing joint parties. No sense in doing 2 parties when they're only about 3 weeks apart!!
Here's the inspiration for this year's bash:  
Boys Surf Party

We're going for a surfboard/shark theme. It was Ethan's idea! I hope it turns out as cute as I am picturing!! :) It'll be good preparation to get us all ready for our beach trip in July!!

So, after their room is finished, the party is over, and the sewing is complete (wishful thinking here... ), I think I might take a few weeks off, have a few (or 10) glasses of wine, and sit back and relax! ;)

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Wednesday, May 15

Ethan’s Pre-K Graduation

I officially have a Preschool Grad! I am SO proud of Ethan Carter Stickles!!!

This has actually been a transition-K year for E. He has a June birthday, so we decided to just wait another year before starting Kindergarten. It has been the best decision we’ve ever made. He has thrived so much this year. He was blessed with amazing teachers! We are 100% ready and excited for Kindergarten in the fall!!!!

His end of year program and graduation was last week and of course, as soon as I sat down to start taking pictures, I realized that I forgot the card for my camera!! I was devastated! I tried to get a few on my phone. :( I did get several videos though, so I’ll have to post those soon!

IMG_0336       IMG_0337

Doesn’t he look so handsome?! My heart melts for that sweet boy!!


He’s too cool for pics these days! ;)

IMG_0349       IMG_0350

Walking across the stage! I cried like a baby!


One of the Moms made these great handprint trees for the teachers!!! So creative!!


After their program and graduation, they had a luau party in the gym. The kids loved it!

IMG_0357       IMG_0359

He especially loved the chocolate ice cream and face painting!!




Class Pic!

I so love that sweet boy and I am so proud of him! Bring it on, Kindergarten… we are SO ready! ;)

Tuesday, May 14

Long Time Gone

Hello Friends!! Sorry for being MIA for a while. We’ve been super busy around here and I just haven’t had time to sit down and blog. (more like I’m too tired after the kids go to bed to sit down and blog! ha!) With that being said though, we really haven’t been doing anything wild and crazy. Just normal everyday life! Here’s a quick IG update:

IMG_0018       IMG_0023 

It’s officially spring and we’ve been playing outside A LOT! Gray has also gotten quite the little personality! He loves making silly faces!!


Gotta love a boy who love pizza! Russo’s in Collierville is a family favorite!


Baseball… Baseball… Baseball…. our entire life right now!


We got some crawfish a few weekends ago (my FAVORITE part of spring!!!!) and had a mini boil in the backyard!

IMG_0049       IMG_0050

Ethan LOVES mudbugs!!!! Such a little Ole Miss frat boy! ;)



We celebrated PaPaw’s birthday!!

IMG_0072       IMG_0076


Hot Mess!!


Someone likes to be just like Daddy!

IMG_0089       IMG_0090

More outside time!! We are ready for swimming weather!!


Little Elton John! ;)

IMG_0103       IMG_0104

IMG_0105       IMG_0108

He likes to eat…. a lot!

IMG_0125       IMG_0126

Playing in the rain!


Blonde curls! Love it!

IMG_0147       IMG_0148

Sometimes it’s hard to be a little brother.. poor guy wants to play ball!!


Backyard S’mores!

IMG_0166       IMG_0169

LK and I went to see Ballet Memphis’ performance of The Wizard of Oz! It was fabulous!! We even came home with a pointe shoe autographed by the Wicked Witch! She loved it!


He’s obsessed with the movie Cars! I can’t handle any more Cars!!!! ha!

IMG_0195    IMG_0198    IMG_0202

More silly faces!!! LOVE him!!

IMG_0224       IMG_0228

Chris and I went to see Memphis at the Orpheum. It was fabulous!!!! Immediately after seeing Memphis downtown, we headed down to Mississippi to see Dave Matthews…

IMG_0234       IMG_0235


It was so fun! Muddy.. but very fun! We never get full “date days” like that. Definitely a treat!

IMG_0240       IMG_0245


This year marked 5 years since we lost Pop. The picture above was taken on his birthday April 30th 2008. It was the very last picture taken of him, and of course it was with his girl! The picture below is 5 years later, same spot, new smiling faces. Thankful for those 2 extra smiles and especially thankful for his namesake (Gray) who is a constant reminder of him. 


LK picked pink sparkles for both of us! ;)

IMG_0265       IMG_0266

Remember Pop! We had a birthday party with him. Lemon cupcakes… his fave!

IMG_0267       IMG_0268


Pop’s little namesake. Gray is #3 (girl, boy, then boy). My grandfather, David, was a #3 and the order was girl, boy, then Pop (boy). Then, he and Grams had 3 children. My mom, my uncle Joe, and then my uncle David (girl, boy, and boy). Then Chris and I had 3. Girl, boy, and .. you guessed it.. boy! It only made sense to continue the #3 tradition and name him after Pop and Uncle David. So, we decided to go with Davis for his middle name. He’s a TRUE David Kessler!!! We are all so thankful for this little guy. He’s a constant reminder of Pop and always keeps us smiling and laughing.


IMG_0273       IMG_0278

Dear, J.Crew… thanks for the awesome t-shirts! Ethan now thinks that I am the greatest Mom ever!!! :)


Dancing on the table… see what I mean about the laughing and smiling??!


And again, silly faces!


Rainy Day relaxing!!!


Me and my Pop! I miss him so much!


Chris and I went to the Grizzlies Playoff Game a few weekends ago! SO fun!! We won and we’re now in the 2nd round! Go Grizz!!!

I’ll try to do a better post soon!