Friday, September 30

Gray's Birth Announcement

I am FINALLY mailing Gray's birth announcements! It only took me 11 weeks.. ha! I absolutely LOVE them!!


Friday, September 23

Game & Festival

A few weeks ago, we went to the Germantown Festival.. a little yearly tradition that we all really enjoy! I always look forward to going to the festival so that I can stock up on some fall and holiday decor, not to mention all the great deals on smocked outfits for the kiddos! The kiddos are always excited about the carnival rides and yummy food! You can bet that we all got our fill of everything! :) I came home with several new door hangers and holiday signs.. and also with some adorable smocked outfits for the kiddos! We also ran into several of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while and got to chat and catch up. So, all in all, it was a great time! (minus the direct sun and HEAT!)

Before the festival, LK had a game.. so we all headed down the street to the fields. Yet again, another COLT win!! My Uncle Joe found a Peyton Manning jersey for Ethan to wear to the games and he LOVES it! They looked adorable! I see lots of future pictures looking JUST like this one day! :)

Baby Gray had a great time cheering for the team!

I am SO in love with that grin!

This is just too cute! After the game, the girls make a tunnel for the boys to run through!

We definitely could not leave the festival without getting a face paint! Cute, yes.. but it was FIVE DOLLARS!!! .. for FACE PAINT!! Daddy is such a sucker! ha! ;)

Ethan's was hilarious! We could not take him seriously all day!

One of my goodies! I couldn't pass up this tin flower for the front door!

I just love all of the fall festivals! I'm definitely looking forward to Mistletoe Merchants and some big consignment sales in the next few weeks! :)


Thursday, September 22

My little Cheerleader!

Well, gone are the days of ballet shoes and tutu's! My little girl has moved on to the world of cheerleading!! I can't believe it! When did she get SO BIG??!! I have to admit.. it broke my heart a little. Being a Mama who did classical ballet from the time I was 2 through college, I was expecting to see those little ballet shoes for a long time! But, anything that makes her happy.. makes me happy. (and she looks pretty darn cute in her uniform!) ;)

Earlier in August we had Jamboree.. our team won 16-0! (and we've won every game since then!) I dont know if that's good or bad.. good that we have a great team and it's exciting.. bad b/c that means our season will go longer into November and it will be FREEZING!! ha!

Daddy claims that she gives him more and more gray hairs everyday! :)

Ethan could care less about his sister cheering... although, he does enjoy the games and can't wait until next year when he's old enough to play!

He obviously was more concerned about eating his lunchable that Noni brought for him! ;)

It was SOO muggy at Jamboree. We had to strip Gray down to his diaper! Poor thing! Like I said, he is a trooper and is so good about just going along with everything we have to do!

LK and her coaches.. Alex and Kate. They cheer for Houston.

We are loving watching her cheer! You can just tell on her face how much she enjoys it! All of the girls are just too sweet and I've had a great time chatting with all the Moms at practices and tumbling lessons. I can't wait to see what it's going to be like next year with LK cheering and E playing football! :)


Wednesday, September 21

Delta Fair

Over Labor Day weekend, we took the kiddos to the Delta Fair. They had a blast! The weather had really cooled down and it was perfect "fair" weather.

They enjoyed getting to pet all of the animals!
Of course, we spent ridiculous tons of money on ride/game tickets and what did they love the most??? The FREE play area!

The Ferris Wheel was a big hit!

I'm so glad that we're finally getting Fall weather!

Ethan was still a little too small for some of the bigger rides, but next year he'll be just tall enough! We can't wait until then! :)


Tuesday, September 20

M-I-C-K-E-Y.. MOUSE...


Yes.. It's official! The Stickles Fam is headed to DISNEY WORLD!! I just booked our trip today! Chris and I are SO excited! The kiddos dont know yet. We're going to surprise them with the tickets for Chrismas. (if only Santa could get away with bringing JUST that! haha!)

We are going in March, so I'm going to start booking our Dinner reservations soon.... so PLEASE help and give me some recs! :) It's been about 12 years since I've been to Disney and ALOT has changed! The few things I do know are to: #1 - go to Chef Mickey for a Character Meal and #2 - take LK to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! Other than that.. HELP!


Morning at the Park!

Over Labor Day Weekend we wanted to take advantage of the cool weather as much as we could, so when we woke up one mornign and it was 65 degrees outside we immediately headed to the park! It was incredible outside!! We weren't the only ones with that idea though, b/c the park was very quickly filling up!

Gray was so sweet in his pants and hoodie! It was the first time that he had been in this much clothing! It definitely felt like a fall morning with everyone in pants and sweatshirts.

G and I had to take a time out so that he could eat.

Ethan was hilarious coming down the slide.. this was his favorite move!

Gray took a turn on the slide too!

He also went down like this.. he looked like one of the Olympic "skeleton luge" guys! We may have a future Gold Medalist on our hands! ;)

He also liked to flip over half way down! This kid was a mess!

G got to wear shoes for the very first time!! :)

We had so much fun!! It was such a nice break from the crazy heat.. although, a little bit of a tease! We as SOOO ready for fall!!!