Wednesday, July 29

TLG: Take 2

Last night was The Little Gym and we were so excited that Memaw could join us! If you've ever met my mom, you know that she a 5 foot-nothing, huge ball of energy!! (that's putting it midly!) So, E and Memaw were two peas in a pod at gym class. I can't tell you who had more fun.. and who was more exhausted! E was super excited about last night's class b/c it was "sports day"!! As soon as he saw the soccer balls, footballs and basketball hoop, his eyes lit up!! We had so much fun!! Thanks for joining in on all the fun, Memaw!

practicing sit-ups!
our fave.. forward rolls!
Our favorite TLG friend, Addyson, doing a backflip over the "hot dog"!
Miss Emily decided to get the sticks out... DANGEROUS! (E loved them!)
Kicking the soccer ball with Memaw!
E doing a flip over the "donut"! (this was a huge hit with the kiddos!)
walking the beam..
a BACK-flip over the donut!
tossing the football!
throwing Miss Emily a pass!
Miss Addy shooting a basket!
E's turn..
How adorable is she?! Love her!


Monday, July 27


This weekend we were able to get out for a little while and enjoy the sprinkler park in Collierville. The kids always love it!! I got a few pics of them.. Enjoy!
*let's not pay any mind to pasty pale mama though.. thanks!:)*


Saturday, July 25

Lazy Saturday Afternoon . . .

Guess what I did today . . . . .

YEP! I sewed my very first jon-jon for Ethan!!! I am SOOO excited! If there's one thing I love, it's little boys in jon-jons! And believe me... my bank account has paid the price! (literally!) I decided that they couldn't be that hard to make though, right?! I mean, I've sewed things before... I could do it! So.. I found a pattern online and ordered.. and then it sat by my sewing machine for months. I just couldn't get brave enough to try it! Luckily, this week, I found some plain ole white material at Hob Lob for $1.30/yrd! I figured for a total of $3 that I could give it a try and even if it turned out horribly I wouldn't be upset. So, I called up "Mama Paula" (the seamstress of all seamstresses) and got some great tips! And wouldn't you know... SUCCESS!! I mean, it's FAR from perfect and I have LOTS of practicing to do before E can wear a "mommy creation" in public... but I did it and all things considered.. it looks great!! (and Chris is more than thrilled that jon-jons are now in the $10 range instead of the $30 range!!)

We also headed over to Macy's for their huge clearance sale this weekend... we hit the JACKPOT!!

First on the list was LK's pink flamingo sheets!! She was dying for them! So, with the sale discount and my extra discount for putting them on my Macy's card... they were a total of $17! She absolutely loves them and they look adorable in her room!

Next on the list was Mommy and Daddy's bed... we were in desperate need of new pillows and sheets. Luckily we found the Ralph Lauren pillows marked down to $9.99! (plus an extra 10% off with my M.C.) Next, I just happen to find the perfect sheets in the Clearance Section. 700 thread count sheets marked down to 79.99(from $180!) and wouldn't you believe it... clearance got an additional 40% off!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!! (and yes... they're polka dotted!!) :)

So, for a total of about $80 we got 4 pillows and two sets of sheets! What a great deal!! Next sale... bathroom towels!! Oh, how I am dying for new towels! I think little boys and husbands just magically do something to towels to make them forever smell! Really, I think they do! So... towels.. here I come!

I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


Friday, July 24

the bug's are a'buggin!

Today, I am skipping my "Friday Five" because, in all honesty, I just haven't really been anywhere this week to get annoyed with anything! ha! I started my week with a 3-day long migraine and ended it sick with the kiddos. So... I'll pick back up with my "Friday Five" next week!! (and I might even do TEN to make up for this week!)
This past week the kiddos had a stomach bug running rampant through their school, and of course, we caught it! It's been G-R-O-S-S!! So... this is what we did ALL.DAY.YESTERDAY!! Poor babies.. they were just having an awful day! Mommy gave in and let them watch Handy Manny in the living room though! :)

And I was able to get smiles (of sorts) from them for a slipt second!

So, I think we're just going to take it easy this weekend and enjoy the quite-ness before school and fall activities picks up in a few weeks! And I DEFINITELY want to catch up on my "Southern Belles: Louisville"!!! Unfotunately I caught the series half way through, so I have LOTS of catching up to do! Last night was the Season Finalle and I have it TIVO'd waiting for a quiet "Me" moment this weekend!! I'm sooo excited! :)


Wednesday, July 22

The Little Gym

As summer was about to get underway, I knew that E and LK would need some kind of activity. I knew that they would need something to keep them busy and that was a good outlet for all that extra energy! Since dance was over for the summer and soccer didn't start till August, we had a little bit of extra time on our hands. So, I looked into The Little Gym in Germantown. I signed Ethan up for Mommy & Me gymnastics and Lilly Kate is taking a cheerleading class. Both of the kids absolutely LOVE their fun classes! As the summer session is coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to let the grandparents in on a little bit of the excitment, so I invited Memaw and Noni & Brittany to Ethan's class. Noni and Brittany came last night and had a blast with our little "Beast" Ethan! We love The Little Gym! :)

practicing "hand stands"
forward rolls!
bouncing on the air track!
forward rolls on the air track
he was SOOO excited that Noni came!
uneven bars! (yes, he has Hercules upper body strength!)
he LOVES the rings!

Here's some videos of all the fun!


Monday, July 20

Not Me . . .

Today I am going to participate in MckMama's "Not Me Monday". Enjoy!!! (gotta love a Monday!)

{1} I did not skip out on my running schedule (in only week ONE) to instead go to Chili’s and eat a huge bacon cheeseburger and a drink a gallon of coke!! And I certainly did not also enjoy a half order of texas cheese fries too! There is no way I would already be neglecting my running training… no way! (but I bet it would have absolutely delicious had i eaten it!)

{2} I would never let my TWO year old son play with my VB card holder which contains my license and debit card.. no I would never do that! I certainly understand the importance of those two items, so I would always keep them far from where his little hands can reach. And since I would never allow this to happen, this is NO way he could have lost these two items! Nope.. not me! And since he didn’t lose them, then I certainly did not spend a week searching for my missing debit card all over the upstairs of my house! And I certainly did not have to go to Target and WRITE A CHECK, b/c I forgot about my missing debit card until all 500 of my items were scanned! There is absolutely no way I would ever let this happen!

{3} Speaking of searching for debit cards…. I most certainly DID NOT play in Photoshop while my sweet, sweet hubby searched Ethan’s entire room for MY card! No, I am WAY more thoughtful than that.. way more!

{4} I am certainly not the Mom who forgot her children’s lunches and did not realize it until we were unloading everyone from the car... at the school! No.. I am completely and totally way more organized than that! I mean, come on.. I am super mom.. I have got it together!.. didn't you know?! (lots of sarcasm!) And I certainly would not have called my husband to tell him to bring them to the school, since he was still at home with the lunches! No.. I would have just gone to the store and quickly gathered up what they needed and have done it all myself!

{5} I did not leave in the middle of LK’s cheerleading practice to drive over to J.Crew and Banana for a little “me time” shopping! I definitely sat there quietly for an hour like all the other wonderful mothers! (but I would have found some incredible deals.. if I had!)

{6} I most certainly did not allow my FIVE year old daughter give me a celebrity gossip update after she apparently watched Access Hollywood without my knowledge! I would have simply explained to her that we shouldn't stick our noses in other people's business and she shouldn't allow herself to become enthralled with such gossip at such a young age! I would have definitely not listed at all! However, if i had listed to her, she would have been able to give me the up-to-date on Jon Gosslin's new girlfriend and their coffee stop caught on film! And she would have also been able to give me all the details of Michael Jackson's funeral and will proceedings! She would have also sang a little bit of Thriller for us! ... that is.. only if I had!... which, of course, I did not!


Friday, July 17

The Friday Five

So, I'm going to be starting a few new segments on the blog in the next week or so! I think they're going to be really fun and add a little spice to the site. To get things started off, here is The Friday Five ... five things that just really annoyed me this week! My chance to just let off a little steam and give my opinion. Sometimes, you just gotta speak your mind! So, enjoy my Friday Five!

Do you ever see those people who are constantly on their cell phones and refuse to get off them? You know the ones who stand in the check out line, or the line to order food, or the waiting area in a restaurant and DO NOT get off the phone. They can barely even do the task that they're in the establishment to do b/c they're on the phone! Not only are they on the phone and causing the hard-at-work employee grief, but they insist on joining everyone else in line or waiting, in on their conversation by talking as loud as they possibly can! Talk about just enough to make me burst sometimes! I'll be honest.. I am in a hurry about 90% of the time.. I'm always running late. So, when I'm in line somewhere, I need everyone to do their part to make things run as smoothly as possible. THESE people just get in my way! They hold things up and make things difficult, which in return makes me that much more behind schedule! Seriously... just GET OFF the phone!!!

It really gets on my nerves when people just can not be happy for others. They refuse to let others enjoy life. Why can't we all just be grateful for the things that we have and be happy for others and the things that they have? I'm not talking about material things.. just the basics.. home, family, life, love, happiness. I can honestly say that I'm happy for everyone I know and the good things going on in their lives, and I just wish some people would be just as happy for me. Instead, I'm judged for my seemingly "perfect" life (which is FAR from perfect.. trust me!)! I have to hide the things in life that make me and my family happy. That's just no way to live.. and not the type of friends I want to have, if you ask me! I am happy. I am loved. And I love. If you dont like it, GET OVER IT. Find out what is missing from you life and fix it! If you dont like something about your life, then change it! It's quite simple, really!

I have no idea what day garbage pick up is in my neighborhood. For almost a year now, it's been on Wednesday. Over the July 4th holiday, it just got all messed up. For the past few weeks now, the entire neighboorhod sits out their trash on Tuesday night and then it just sits there for days until the garbagemen decide to come pick it up. One week they came on a Friday, last week it was on Thursday... seriously.. is it really that hard to schedule ONE day to come and pick it up. I guess it is! So.. I'm left with days of seeing peoples trash on the curb all around my neighborhood. Attactrive, huh?! (that's the city of memphis for ya!)

Don't you just hate when you rush like a crazy woman to get to an appointment ON TIME only to sit in the waiting room for almost an hour?! Really... what's the point of even scheduling apointment times then? Very, very frustrating!... especially to an on-the-go mom with a way overbooked schedule! This just annoys me x10 when the appointment isn't even for me or one of the kids, but for a KITTEN who won't eat! (well, at least $80 -yes, an annoying $80- later.. he's eating!)

Speaking of Kitten health... why is there no "" for animals?! Our kittens were not eating, so in an effort to save a little money, I thought I would search online and try to solve the problem myself. Boy, was I wrong! I could not find a single website that would give me an answer! I guess I was just expecting a plain jane ole website with ailments and answers. Bottom line, no wesbite was found, I couldn't play Veternarian Stickles for the day, and we ended up having to spend the money on the kittens! What an ordeal!

So... I shared my Friday Five.. what pet peeves did you have this week?


Tuesday, July 14

we're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney . .

So.. do you remember the old Baby Looney Tunes?! Do you remember the character of Elmyra Duff.. the little girl who used to squeeze all her kittens nearly to death with love?! Well, my friends, THAT is Ethan!! Don't get me wrong.. he LOVES the kittens. So much so, that he gets so excited to see them, that he forgets the meaning of gentle! Poor things! I feel so sorry for them. But I think they're used to him now and just let him do whatever he pleases. Every time I see him holding one of them upside down by a foot though, all I can picture is the little Looney Tunes girl! And all I can hear is her high-pitched voice saying, "I'm going to hug you and squeeze you and just love you forever!" haha! :) I mean, look at the michief written all over that face!

"Oliver, say HI to Mommy!"


Monday, July 13

Date Night!

What an amazing weekend!!! I'll be honest.. we didn't do much, but it was great! Lately, we've been so busy, that it was so nice just to take things at a slow pace and enjoy it all! Saturday, the 4 of us ran a few errands, nothing big. And Sunday, I convinced Chris that we needed to clean out the garage. With our newest residents in the garage, it needed to be straightened up and organized! It didn't take us long, and the kittens love their new playspace! Chris and I did manage to give the kids to Noni and Papa Saturday night so that Mommy and Daddy could have a date night. I can't even remember the last time Chris and I got out without the kiddos. It was amazing!! We headed downtown to Rendevous and enjoyed some absolutely delicious ribs and BBQ nachos! YUMMY!! You can never go wrong with BBQ and Beer! (rather, pinot, in my case!) :)

BTW.. Born To Run: Week 1 begins tonight.. that is, if the rain will ever stop!!! So.. say a little prayer for me! :)

Friday, July 10

a little down-time

Do you have any pets? we have a chocolate lab, Dixie and two new OUTDOOR kittens, Oliver and Max

What is the last book you read? I am currently reading Sunday's at Tiffany's. It's good.. I just never have time to read!

What's your favorite sport? College Football! Baseball is my fave to watch though! Love it!

Do you enjoy sleeping late? "Late" for me is 8am... And yes, when I get to, I love it.

What's the weather like right now? Hot.. and getting hotter!

Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up? Scrambled with cheese

Is your room messy? My entire house is a mess right now! That's what happens when you have two kids!

What do you like better: oranges or apples? oranges

Are you a good guesser? I have really good intuition if that's what you mean.

Can you read other people's expressions? Sometimes

Do you have a job? I work about 20 hrs a week at a "real" job! (while my kiddos are in school) And then I get to go home and be a full-time Mommy! I love it!!

What time did you wake up this morning? 7:30

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? a bottle of water.. exciting, huh?!

What do you plan on doing tomorrow? hopefully something fun with my hubby! :)

What's your favorite day of the week and why? I like Sundays, dont know why.. just do.

Do you have any nicknames? Mommy

What's your least favorite color? hmmm... until recently you would have never caught me dead in yellow or orange. I'm learning to broaden my wardrobe horizons though! :)

Would you ever go skydiving? not sure.. first thought, NO! second thought, maybe?!

What toothpaste do you use? Crest! I've always been a Crest kid! (never had a cavity either!) :)

Do you enjoy challenges? I do!

What's the worst injury you have had? Ethan bruised my ribs when I was pregnant with him. I literally thought I was going to die! It was awful!!

What's the last movie you saw? Chris and I watching Knowing last night... soo good!! (and kinda creepy!)

What is your dream vacation? I'd really love to go to Australia.. swim the Great Barrier. That's something that's a little less attainable than the other places I want to go. (Cabo.. Spain.. Tahiti.. haha!)

What is your favorite animal? Dogs or horses.

Do you need to do laundry? Oddly enough, no. My only load is in the dryer now!

What color are your bed sheets? red. we only have one set that chris likes.. so they get washed over and over.. MEN!

How do you like your coffee? I dont like it at all.

Do you watch cartoons? only with the kids. LK likes anything on Disney. E likes Bob the Builder and Toy Story.

Name three things in the world you dislike: right now it's hard to limit this list to 3! here goes... liars, water spots on the sink and yellow teeth/nails

Would you ever have plastic surgery? I have to get my deviated septem repaired.. my nose is WAY crooked (at least to me it is!) Other than that.. no. I'm good!

Name 10 things you'd like to accomplish within the next year:
1. Go pick up my Volvo XC-90 that they're holding for me down at the dealership.. ha! yeah right! (really just a new car for mommy!)
2. Get Dixie a friend (maybe Christmas!)
3. Finish painting & decorating all the rooms in my house (seriously, we've been there a year.. it's about time!)
4. Take the kids to Disney World (we're planning now!)
5. Go to the beach!
6. Get the kids more active in things
7. Find a great church home
8. Take horseback riding lessons with LK
9. Work my way up to running my 5K!
10. Do more volunteer work

My Favorites:
Restaurant: Bonefish
Season: when summer is turning into fall
Type of weather: fall weather
Emotion: a nice "happy" cry
Color: green
Candy: i dont like candy
Fruit: strawberries
Veggie: asparragus(sp?)
Dessert: cheesecake
Type of cake: strawberry
Magazine: Southern Living & BHG
TV Show: anything on Food Network
Holiday: Christmas-time
Sport to watch: baseball
Flower: lillies & daisies

Wednesday, July 8

Baby, we were born to run . .

My friend, April, has convinced me to run a 5K with her. Yes... we have both lost our minds!! I am NOT a runner.. in the least! I can count on one hand the number of times I have been in a gym. (and if "working out" consists of complaining of sweat and exhaustion.. then i guess I "worked out"!) I barely WALK around the block, yet alone RUN! Growing up I would spend countless hours in a ballet studio, usually around 6-8 per week. Between tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, baton twirling, etc .. I got PLENTY of physical activity! Bottom line.. I've never HAD to get in a gym or learn to run. So... why not do it for fun?! I've always said that I'd like to run. People I know who do it , LOVE it. They say it's a great stress reliever and a great "me" time for thinking! And after spending 8 hours a day with 2 kids.. you need a little "me" time! :) So, when April asked.. I said, YES! That means I have 8 weeks to work myself up to running 3.1 miles. AAAHHHH!!! Where do I even start! GOOGLE! (dont you love it?!) I googled "how to train for a 5k" and what do you know.. there are people out there just like me!! And I found exactly what I was looking for.. an 8-week training schedule! HORRAY!

How perfect?! I will probably do my running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday though.. those days are easier for me! I might even be able to convice my husband to do this with me?! :)

So, my next step was to find out the distances in my neighborhood. (there is NO way I could do the treadmill with my lack of patience!) So, I found MapMyRun. You find your neighborhood.. find your starting point.. and then map your route! It'll tell you how many miles it is! Here's my route:

One complete loop around my neighborhood is 1.6 miles. So, 2 loops is 3.2 miles. If i can get up to 2 loops in 8 weeks... I'll be ready for my race!! :) Wish me luck!! I'll keep you all up-to-date with my progress!

Tuesday, July 7

Let's hear it for the boy. . .

That's right... Ethan is officially a swimming machine! He is a fish in the water! He started the summer clinched tight to whoever was closest to him. And now.. back off.. he "can do it myself, mommy!" :) The swimmies are gone and I can barely keep a "life jacket of sorts" on him for safety. He just jumps right in! The "life jacket of sorts" you see below comes with about 9 "pads" on each side. Basically, when all "pads" are in the jacket.. it's a like a regular life jacket with flotation support. But as the children learn to swim you remove them one at a time, until there's no support (although they think there is.. that's the point!) Well, Ethan is down to one on each side and swimming all on his own! He is such a big boy!! :)