Wednesday, November 30

We play hard..

.. and then we crash hard!

And if that wasn't enough to make you smile.. this cute little guy definitley will! :)


Tuesday, November 29

Cheer Off 2011

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we finally had the big day that we'd been waiting for for weeks... CHEER OFF!!! Now, let me tell you.. in the two weeks leading up to this big event, I was taking LK to cheer practice EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT! Yes.. every one of them! Several nights per week, I was also driving her out to Cordova (like way out to Macon/Houston Levee part of Cordova) for practice at a gymnastics place so that they could work on the mats! It was madness!! My family was practically eating crockpot meals and curbside-to-go for 2 weeks straight! Chris would literally walk in the door from work, I would hand him Gray, then LK and I would be gone till bedtime. I was SOOO ready for cheerleading to be over for the season! BUT.. she loved it! Never once did she comlain or not want to go. So, there we were every single practice.. enjoying the maddness! :) I am SO proud of her! She's been a little ballerina since she was 2, so cheerleading was a big change for her. She learned so much and just fell in love with her coaches. She can't wait to start taking gymnastics and cheer again next fall.

My favorite little COLT!

Her sweet coaches, Alex and Kate. They were wonderful! (and they offered to babysit all 3 of my kiddos.. definitely taking them up on that offer SOON!) :)

Alison, Catherine, and LK

Allie, Luca Bella, and LK

The event was orginally scheduled to be held at Houston High, but some water damage caused it to be moved to Houston Middle. So, all parents and other visitors were crammed into this tiny little gym. It was a bit chaotic! Not to mention, ridiculously hot and crowded. Gray was NOT happy! He doesn't like loud noises either, so the MC was a little too loud for him. Chris kept him out in the hallway until it was time for the Pee-Wees.

last minute warm ups!

Being announced and running out!

Starting the tumbling portion of their routine!!They looked great!

They hit all of their stunts! :)

Sideline Cheer

Ready for the dance!


They won Best Dance! We are SO proud of them!!

Alison, LK, and Baylee

Her biggest fans! (Goo Goo and Memaw were there too, but had to leave before pictures)

We are so proud of our sweet girl! (Please dont look too closely at Momma! I was rushed, so I didn't have time to put makeup on or dry my hair! Isn't that the way it always goes??!) :)

After the cheer off, we all met up at Garibaldi's in Germantown for a party. All of the girls and their parents came. It was great to get all the girls together without the stress of practicing. They had so much fun chatting and running around playing. I know she's going to miss seeing the girls over the next few months and I know that I'm going to miss getting to chat/gossip with the moms!

Alex will be back next year, but Kate graduates in May. Ole Miss is one of her top choices, so maybe we'll see her in the Grove next football season! :)

Trophies and Cake!

Her great sponsers, Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Jennifer

Here's a video of their entire routine! Enjoy!!


Monday, November 28

Long Lost Pictures

I found these on my point and shoot this past weekend. I had completely forgotten about them!

This year, instead of going to Zoo Boo, we decided to try something new. We took the kids to the corn maze at Shelby Farms. We went in the afternoon after school and suprising, they enjoyed it... until it started to get dark! We went on a Friday, and on the weekends starting at sundown, the maze becomes haunted!! We went about 4:30 and made it about 3/4ths of the way through before the sun started going down and the monsters and goblins started making their way to the haunting spots.

 This is when he started to get a little scared of the dark!

And then he got alot scared of the dark! Poor guy!

We had a great time and it was a great kick off to the Halloween weekend!