Friday, August 19

Just when you think you can relax a little..

Well, Tuesday evening quickly went from ordinary to chaotic very quickly!! Chris came home from work and took over watching the kiddos and cooking dinner. I had had a rough day with Gray and was exhausted. I went into the bedroom to rest, when Chris came running in telling me to look at Ethan's ear. I was shocked when I realized that he was bleeding in his ear canal! And not just a little.. ALOT! I went into panic mode and immediately jumped in the car to head to LeBonheur! All I could imagine was that his ear drum had busted or he had put something in his ear and it was stuck. Either way, all that blood from his ear couldn't be good!

Once we got to LeBonheur, they rushed us back pretty quickly. (Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks a bleeding ear is unusual and could be serious!) The doctor came in right away and examined him, then checked the ear. Luckily, there was nothing lodged in his ear and his ear drum looked normal. It seems that he may have stuck something in his ear and scratch the inside of his ear canal. SO.. emergency adverted! We were sent home with ear drops to keep infection away and orders to clean it out quite a bit. We have a follow up with our Pediatrician at the beginning of next week.

Talk about a heart-stopper! I was SO worried about him!!

He stayed home on Wednesday and I was sure to keep a close eye on him ... JUST in case! ;) So.. I put aside all housework and planned errands for that day and did whatever he wanted me too. I quickly found out that meant that I would be building pirate ships and bat caves.. and making pudding pops!

Our fist activity was the pirate ship. I had bought this foam kit a while back and he had been itching to build it. Just FYI - when it says that white school glue will hold the foam pieces together.. it LIES! HA! Maybe it does.. but with the lack of patience of a 4 year old and his mother who it trying to hurry the process along before a 6 week old wakes up.. IT DOES NOT WORK! I had to break out the glue gun! But.. we got it built and he loved doing it!!

He was quite proud of it! I was very proud of us too! :)

Next up was the batcave! Chris usually builds this with him so I was defnitely outof my element. Not to mention that the instructions were no where to be found so I had to use my ultimate imagination to figure out what in the world Batman's cave looks like!!! (and have it up to Ethan's standards!)

My masterpiece! I am officially supermom!! ;)

Ethan was a happy boy and we had a great day!

And the ear?? It's doing great!! We're still cleaning and doing the drops, but he seems just fine! He still claims that he didn't put anything in his ear, but the jury is still out on that one! ;)

Thursday, August 18

Back to School!

LK and E have headed back to school for the fall!! I am SO excited! I dont know about your kiddos, but if they're anything like mine then they were ready to throw each other off Captain Hook's plank around mid-July!! They were at each other's throats EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I kept telling myself that everyone's kiddos were like this and that it was just an "age" thing. But let's face it.. it's only going to get worse as we head into the teenage years! YIKES! We were all ready for them to start back. We all spent WAY too much time together this summer.

So.. we got registered. We bought school supplies. We got new uniforms. We bought new backpacks and lunch boxes (a must have for a new year!) and we WENT TO SCHOOL! LK started last week and E started full time this week. Gray and I spent our days alone.. with no chaos, no drama, and no yelling! It was as if the skies opened up and the angels were singing HALLELUJAH!! Dont get me wrong.. I love my kiddos and I have missed them this week, but sometimes Mommy needs a mental break!  :)



Now, I wont lie... GETTING to school has been interesting this week! ha! Trying to cooordinate our drop off schedule with Gray's feeding schedule has been difficult. BUT everyone has made it.. and ON time! Maybe like within 1 min of being late, but on time none the less! :)

Luckily, LK has found that she likes to eat breakfast at school so she can hang out with her friends, so that gives us a little more time to feed G and get Ethan ready for school. By the time G and I get home.. I am already exhausted! Oh the life of a mom! :) Thankfully we have ALL year to get our routine together! (and it'll probably take us that long! haha!)

Wednesday, August 17

Gray: 6 Weeks

I can not believe that my little man is already 6 weeks old! It seems like it was yesterday that I was still going to all of my doctors appointments and praying that he would come! It just doesn't seem real sometimes. And believe me.. learning how to care for a newborn after 4 long years of not doing it has been exhausting! It's worth every minute of it though. I fall in love with that sweet face every day.

The weather was so nice the other day that he got to wear "real" clothes.. not just an embriodered onesie or bubble. I was excited! :)

He was NOT! ;)

He is growing more and more everyday. He still loves his swing and bouncy seat. He wants to be held all the time. LK and E love him to pieces! Sleep is going great!!! He still has a few nights per week that dont go so well, but for the most part he's giving us 5-6 hours per night of sleep.


I love these sweet little Mud Pie socks!

He is drinking between 5 - 6 ounces at a time.. usually 4 hours apart. He still hates his pacifier. He has fallen in love with Ethan's blue minky/silk blanket though! It's the magic touch when he's super tired but wont fall asleep.. works everytime! Luckily, Ethan said that Gray could have his blue one b/c he still had his white one and the white one was his favorite! ha! What a sweet big brother! :)


I have really enjoyed my days alone with him. Although, I can assure you that I get NOTHING done! I just sit and hold him all day. All those plans and ideas of everything I would accomplish... right out the window! ha! It's ok though.. these are the days that I'll miss the most in a few months! I am so blessed that I get to spend so much time with my kiddos. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world!

Happy 6 Weeks, my sweet boy!

I'll do a better "stats" update at 2 months..


Tuesday, August 16


This year LK has chosen not to take her fall ballet classes. She opted instead to cheer! I have to admit that it broke my heart a little. My sweet little ballerina is growing up. Regardless of what she decides to do, as long as my kiddos stay active and enjoy what they're doing, I am happy! I am very excited to see her in her little uniform though! :)

A few weeks ago, before school started, they all went to cheer camp at Houston High. She had a blast! She has a great time with her sweet teammates and loves her coaches. I think we're going to have a great year cheering!! She's already asking to take gymnastics so that she can learn tumbling! (OH BOY!)

Ready for cheer camp!!

On the last day of camp, they got to show us what all they learned. It was precious! She did SO good!!

{of course my camera was in the diaper bag.. so i had to make do with my phone!}

My sweet girl is growing up! I can't wait to see them at the football games!


Monday, August 15

Our Weekend

This weekend was actually really nice in Memphis. Saturday morning I attempted to get a few outdoor pics of the kiddos. ATTEMPTED is the key word. These days taking pictures of my children is like pulling teeth! Lilly Kate has decided that she just no longer likes taking pictures and complains the ENTIRE time!! This is the child who never met a camera she didn't like.. until now. I think I just burnt her out. Ethan.. well, he's just a typical 4yr old boy. The biggest issue with taking outdoor pics of him is that he's terrified of flying bugs.. mosquitos, bees, dragonflies.. you name it. SO, he just basically screamed everytime a dragonfly flew by.. "BBBBBEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!" It was pure bliss, I assure you!

We tried to get some great sunflower pics, but the awful heat already has them all dried up. I remembered though that they were bailing the hay down the street, so we headed there. And honestly, I like them SO much better!! Everyone in Memphis has taken their child for sunflower pics.. we ventured outside of the box.

I assure you, these are not great pictures... but here you go:

LK refused to open her eyes! I think we got a few keepers though!

On Sunday morning I attended a DSLR camera/photography class. It was great!! I highly recommend that every takes a class to better learn your camera and how to take better photos. I've read several "how to" posts on sites like Pioneer Woman and Momtog, but I'm also more of a "hands on" type of person so a class was perfect! I definitely wont be taking prize winning photos anytime soon, but if I can atleast get a few good shots of the kiddos, that's all I want!! (and I need to convince my husband that the big fancy camera wasn't a complete waste of money! ha!)

Sunday night LK and I headed to her cheerleading practice. They are getting ready for Jamboree next weekend! She is SO excited about cheering and looks adorable practicing all of her cheers. Although, I think Daddy is steadily growing gray hairs the more she grows up!

This week is mine and Gray's first week home by ourselves. I have to admit that I'm a little nervous about how bored I might get! I've tried to plan out something to do everyday to keep me busy. Today, we went grocery shopping and I was THAT mom with the screaming newborn! Apparently Gray is not a big fan of Kroger! The positive of that situation is that I stuck strictly to the list and tried to hurry as much as possible and spent WAY less money than usual! Needless to say, Chris informed me that from now on I could only go shopping with a cranky baby! haha! We are also enjoying this fabulous weather!!! We woke up to 70 degrees this morning!!!! Unbelievable! It's definitely got me ready for fall though... this little teaser just isn't enough. Hopefully it's like this for LK's jamboree on Saturday. Just my luck it will be back up to 100!