Wednesday, September 30

what's in there wednesday - make-up bag

Today I am participating in Short Southern Momma's "What's In There Wednesday"! I always love participating in blog activities like MckMama's "Not Me Monday" and Kelley's "Show Us Series"... I just never really get the chance too! :( But today, I am making a change! I am going to start participating more! I am starting off with a new one today! (brand new!!) I just recently stumbled upon SSM and LOVE her!!! This morning she showed everyone what exactly is in her makeup bag... so... here's mine! Nothing really all that special, so why exactly does it all cost so much?! (my husband is still trying to figure that one out! ha!)

First up... I dont have a bag.. well, i do, but it's just for traveling. My traveling bag a is Vera Bradley Travel Cosmetic Case. I have the old "sherbert" pattern that I'm still hopelessly in love with! But, while i'm not traveling, I use THIS bad boy... LOVE IT! It fits right under my bathroom cabinet, so no one has to see it except me. The best part is that I can pull the drawers out. All of my stuff stays flat and is easily accesible. I keep all of my "daily" stuff in the top drawer... all of the stuff I only wear on certain occasions in the second drawers.. and all of my nail polises and random stuff in the bottom. Seriously, I dont know how i ever made it through life with it! :)

The first "product" I use is Origins Brighter By Nature Correcting Serum. I just recently starting using this, but so far I love it! I have freckles and this little "magic potion" makes them lighter AND helps make your skin tone more even. I use it morning and night.

Next up is Origins A Perfect World moisturizer.
After the moisturizer, I put on Bare Minerals. I also just recently started using this product and I LOVE IT! Now, I do still wear my regular make up when I'm going out or doing anything special, but for everyday wear.. this stuff is GREAT!! It's super easy and super quick! (essentials when you're chasing around two kids!)

After I apply BareMinerals, I curl my lashes and put on a little mascarra. Then, if I'm in the mood, I'll brush on a little of MAC's Skinfinish for a little color. That's it.. DONE!

See there.. nothing really all that exciting. And honestly, that's really all that "in my bag". Other than some random stuff, of course.
So... What's in your makeup bag???


Tuesday, September 29

margaritas & musicals

First of all, I have to apologize for going a little MIA last week. It was just a crazy one and I honestly just did not get a free moment to sit down and write. The kids and I started feeling a little sick on Thursday of the week before. We were gross most of that weekend and all the rain Memphis saw for 19 days straight just didn’t help matters much! By Monday, we were all definitely not doing well. Lilly Kate managed to make it to school most of the week, but ended up being sent home early on Wednesday b/c she got sick in the cafeteria. She went to school on Thursday, but we ended up at the doctor’s office on Thursday afternoon. She was running a 102 degree fever and had an awful cough! At this point, I was starting to wonder if we had all picked up the flu (which was REALLY worrying me!). Luckily, she was diagnosed with nothing more than a viral infection. The bad part about that diagnosis is that there’s just nothing you can really do for it other than motrin to control the fever, lots of rest and fluids. She’s still coughing, but is no longer running fever. Ethan stayed home from school on Tuesday b/c of a runny nose and fever, but was fine the rest of the week. I think he is more or less just dealing with the weather changing. I’m in the same boat right now! Chris SO FAR has escaped all cold/weather/flu symptoms. Although he did start complaining of a sore throat last night. Hopefully, with the sun shining brightly the past two days, we can all get over our illnesses. With all the rain and all the sickness going on, last week just seemed to drag by. Usually we are so busy that the weeks fly right by, but with no activities planned for last week, we were itching to get out and about by Friday!!

Chris and I celebrated our anniversary last Tuesday. Although I have to admit, I think I only saw for about 45 min that day! With Chris back in school this semester, we don’t really get to see him on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although, I did have a sweet card and gorgeous mums to make my day a little brighter! Our front porch is now ready for fall!! We planned to really celebrate Saturday night though, so it was all ok! Saturday night we dropped the kids off at Noni and Papa’s for an overnight stay, and Chris and I headed downtown to The Orpheum. Before we got downtown, we decided to grab some nachos and margaritas at Café Ole! It’s been a long time since either of us have been to Café Ole, so it was a nice treat. Not to mention, they had super yummy margaritas!! (a little TOO yummy! Ha!) After the margaritas, we made it to the Orpheum JUST in time for our 8 pm showing of A Chorus Line. I had never seen A Chorus Line, so I was really excited. Chris had never been to a Broadway show at the Orpheum, so he was a little nervous.. ha! I was surprised to find out that ACL is shown with NO intermission, but 2hrs went by so quickly. Before I knew it, the show was coming to an end. I absolutely LOVED the show! It is now one of my favorites!! I’ve gone to Broadway shows since I was a little girl with my grandmother. I love the experience and am really looking forward to sharing this with Lilly Kate as she gets older. She’s at the perfect age now so hopefully soon I can start taking her. (hopefully Lion King will come back to Memphis soon!! Fingers crossed!)

*LK took this one.. even though she cut Chris' head off, it's a cute one!! :)*
By Saturday afternoon, the sun was finally shining again in Memphis. It’s so nice since we went almost a full month without seeing it at all! We haven’t been to soccer practice or games in over TWO weeks, so we’re really excited about going to practice tonight!! Thursday night we have a birthday party at Pump It Up. Looks like we’re back to the craziness that usually exists in the Stickles house! Truthfully though, I would much rather it be that way.. the kid’s (and Mommy) get bored just sitting around the house! (probably why my house is completely spotless after two weeks of no activities and sick babies.. hmmm! Ha!) I am really looking forward to the month of October, we have so much planned.. including, the Ole Miss Homecoming game, Race For The Cure, Halloween, Mommy’s birthday, Brittany’s birthday and then Daddy’s birthday on Nov. 1st. Not to mention the halloween costumes I have to make and all my room mother activities!!WE LOVE FALL!!!


Tuesday, September 22

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband!! Time sure flys! :)
This picture is us.. almost 7 years ago when we first met! Oh.. how young!! ;) Amost 7 years later...We are celebrating Saturday night! He's treating me to dinner and then a musical at the Orpheum! I am so excited!! I'm such a lucky girl!


Friday, September 18

hello fall!

Well, fall is officially here!! We are welcoming it with open arms around our house! Unfortunately, this week fall came with LOTS of rain! Seriously.. EVERY single day.. it rained!! So.. that required new rain boots! :)

I also attempted to get a few fall decorations out on the front porch. Although, it's not much right now! Still waiting on my hubby to bring home some mums and hay bails (although that will probably be closer to Halloween!)

Fall = College Football!!

So.. HOPEFULLY, the rain will let up this weekend (my kids are itching to get out of the house!!) and we can run some errands. We are planning a low-key, fall cleaning weekend! The garage, the house, everything! Just about every weekend since early August has been filled and this will be our last non-busy weekend again till mid-November. So, we need to take advantage of the break and get some things done around the house!! In all honesty... I am DEFINITELY looking forward to it.. I am just plain worn out these days!

As you can tell... being indoors has started to get to them!! haha! OH BOYS! :)

Monday, September 14

railcars, continued . . .

There is nothing like seeing your child’s face full of awe! Well, we were lucky enough to witness this sweet face on Sunday when we took Ethan to “Day Out With Thomas”! We got up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to Nashville. We loaded the car with toys, books, Thomas trains, crayons, snacks and E’s MP3 player for the car ride. I was worried how he would do b/c he can NOT sit still for very long, but he surprised both Chris and me and did remarkably well. We got into Nashville around 11:30am and had just enough time to play at all the Thomas exhibits before our train departure at 1pm. They had several tents set up with temporary tattoos, a Thomas video and storytime, Thomas train tables (which E LOVED!), and a few bounce houses.. which I think he almost like more than the train ride itself! ;) He even got to meet Sir Topham Hatt! At 1 pm, we boared our train car, driven by Thomas himself!, and went for a 20min ride!! Aftwards, we got to go down to the engine and meet Thomas!! Ethan was so excited! He was even able to convince Mommy to buy him a train whistle! (still dont know what I was thinking on that one!! ah!) On the way home, we stopped in downtown Nashville for lunch. Ethan loved all the music on Broadway. After lunch, it was back to Memphis and we were all exhausted! I think we were all in bed by 8:30! It was all totally worth it though, b/c our kiddos had a great weekend! (and so did we!) :)

the car was packed with Ethan's toys... luckily, they kept him entertained for the car ride!
Sir Topham Hatt!
getting his Harold tattoo!
Train Tables!! :)

Mommy - "Ethan, who are you going to see??"
Ethan (with arms in hair and super excitment in his voice) - "THOMAS!!!"

his new sunglasses!
On the train being pulled by Thomas!

Daddy, Ethan and Thomas!
What a fun day! I would recommend for anyone to go to this event!! :)
giving Thomas a "high five"!
lunch... these two are just plain trouble!:)


soccer stars & railcars

I don’t know about you, but there are certain weeks and days that are just EXHAUSTING when you’re trying to raise children!! Some days you just have had enough and you’re a little “snappy”, then of course, you feel completely awful about it and start to contemplate whether you’re a good mother! Trust me, I do this often! There are just some days when being a constant chauffeur to two kiddos is just more than I can handle! (and yes, I do still work part time on top of it all!) And like I said, every time I have a “bad moment” in the mothering world.. I immediately get that guilty feeling and try to make it up ASAP! The weekdays get crazy for us.. like really really crazy! By Friday, I.AM.EXHAUSTED. beyond function. So, because our weekdays can get a little out of hand, I’ve tried really hard recently to make the weekends all that much more exciting. I want the kids to be able to let loose and have a good time. B/C let’s face it, when they’re having fun and running wild (somewhere other than inside my house!) it makes our jobs as parents that much easier and more enjoyable. At least for me it does! I feel like I’m “off duty” for a few minutes. Well, this weekend was one of those.. one of those “super exciting, let your hair down and just have a ball” weekends! I’ll have to do several posts to fit it all in, but I will definitely fill you all in!

First up.. Lilly Kate had her VERY first soccer game of the season! And wouldn’t you believe it… my prim and proper princess kicked some major butt! (I am SO proud!) Her team won 12-2 .. I think they just stopped counting toward the end. She has some amazing kiddos on her team! She was very excited and it was cute to watch her smile for the camera each time she would kick the ball down field.. she knew I was snapping away! :) The ENTIRE family came out to watch and she couldn’t have been more thrilled! How lucky is she?! We are looking forward to another WIN this coming up Saturday!!

My little lady playing goalie..
Cheering on Sister!
Googs and E.. LK's biggest fans!
getting a Good Luck hug!there she goes... #4!
of course, Ethan found dirt...
and everyone just watched him in amazement!
what a trooper... Aunt Lyns is the best!
Noni and E watching the game!

giving high fives after the game!
Team huddle!
Stickles Family
Hunt Family
Smith/Kessler Family

My little soccer star!

After the game, we all headed over to the Germantown Festival! We do it every year and it never fails to be a good time!! The kids got their fill of bounce house fun while Mommy scored some major shopping deals!! I got some adorable metal signs for the house for the holidays. I even gave in and bought Chris a "Go Tigers Go" sign for the porch! :) Chris found some Memphis T-shirts. And LK got some a bow of every color for only $2.75 a bow!!! Coming from a Mom who has spent countless amounts of dollars on hairbows only to have them lost on the playground... THAT is a good deal!! :)

Saturday was such a blast... And Sunday had even more in store for us..