Wednesday, April 15

Choo-Choo & Silly fun!

Okay.. so I've really been wanting to get a train table for Ethan. For Christmas he was given tons of Thomas trains and track, so i wanted to give him a table to put them all on. Problem.. they're almost $200!! YIKES! I had looked at the one below at Toys R Us a few times, but just couldn't bring myself to pay the $150 for it! I figured I'd just wait till his birthday and give it to him as part of his gift.

Well then, during one of my weekly Pottery Barn Outlet shopping sprees, I saw that they had the activity table below for $80. PERFECT! Well, apparently I was wasn't thinking clearly that day b/c i DIDN'T purchase it!!! WHAT!! A $300 table for $80! Well, when my senses came back to me, i returned to purchase it... of course, GONE! I wanted to cry! At that point, I was convinced that I had just lost my mind all together! UGH!

Well, the search continued until one random day, my husband decided to pull into Goodwill. I have to admit I am not a Goodwill shopper. Some people (my mother-in-law) can find the best stuff there for super, incredibly cheap.... not me. I just see dust and clutter! Drives me nuts! But, I went along with him whim and what did we find.... the $150 Toys R Us train table for .....
Can you believe it?! This thing was in perfect condition! (and i'm picky.. so for me to say perfect, i mean PERFECT.. not one scratch or mark!) Needless to say, it now graces our playroom and Ethan couldn't love it more! He is playing with his trains non-stop (so much so that we are beginning to HATE the sound of the engines!ha!)

YAY! for train tables and YAY! for Goodwill!!

More Family Fun! Gosh, I love my kids!! :)

Speaking of trains... this is at the mall! Ethan saw it and had a fit to ride it. Look at his sweet face though... completely made his day!! My heart jumps with joy to see them this happy!

*her NO MORE PICTURES, PLEASE look! haha!*

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