Wednesday, July 10

Gray turns 2 {Part 1}

Well, since Ethan pulled a fast one on me this year and convinced me that he needed his own birthday party, that meant that we had another year of 2 parties 2.5 weeks apart! And, I had already started ordering stuff for a joint party, so that all had to be used for a party for Gray. So whether I had planned it or not, 2 big parties again this year!! He’s 2.. he doesn’t care! I doubt he really even knew what was going on! ha! If you would ask him “Who’s birthday is it??”, he would say “ME!”.. and he would also tell you that he’s “Two!” So I know, he understood that it was his special day, but he really could have cared less about his party!

So, Gray ended up with a Surfboard theme for his 2nd birthday, which tied in extremely well with the fact that we held the party at Goo Goo’s pool! It was a win! All the older kids got to swim for hours, we had plenty of snacks, and Gray ran around and had a ball!

DSC_0019-001     DSC_0021-001

Cute boy!! Love him!


My favorite face!!



DSC_0034     DSC_0038

We also had the bounce house out, and he and Daddy enjoyed a little one on one basketball! So fun to watch them! :)





He loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to him and blowing out his candles!





Our best attempt at a picture! Wiggle worm!

DSC_0303     DSC_0304

Look at that smile!!! He had a blast!


DSC_0317     DSC_0320

Such a sweet boy! Sharing his bday cupcake!


I absolutely love that precious boy! I can NOT believe that he is already TWO years old!!!! Where in the world have the past two years gone??! My babies (esp my BABY) are growing up way too fast right before my eyes! The past two years with Gray in our family have been the best yet. He is such a blessing to our little family and the perfect final addition. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He makes us whole.


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