Monday, August 26

Phone Pics from the beach!

Almost finished with beach pictures!!! YAY! Here’s some phone pictures….


Our car was super packed!!!

IMG_1425  IMG_1431

We got to the beach around noon, ate lunch, then headed to the sand!

IMG_1432  IMG_1459

IMG_1461  IMG_1462

Kiddos LOVED the ocean!!!!

IMG_1463  IMG_1465

I got to wear my My Town Tees tank! Great beach coverup!!

IMG_1474  IMG_1476

IMG_1478  IMG_1484

Ethan had a blast fishing with Daddy and Uncle RP! And, sweet baby Reese loved snuggling up to RP!

IMG_1486  IMG_1493

Breakfast on the beach.. doesn’t get much better!

IMG_1515  IMG_1516

Nighttime crabbin’!

IMG_1517  IMG_1520

IMG_1528  IMG_0495.JPG (3)

IMG_0499.JPG (3)  IMG_0503.JPG (2)

Chris took some great photos of Ethan fishing!! Good job, Dad!

IMG_0501.JPG (3)

He wasn’t a fan of the bait! ha!

IMG_0505.JPG (2)  IMG_0506.JPG (2)

IMG_0507.JPG (3)  IMG_0510.JPG (2)

IMG_0518.JPG (3)

We had such an amazing time!!!

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