Sunday, December 8

Hooray for Holidays!!

We are gearing up for a great holiday season here at the Stickles house! It seems like this year is going by SO fast!! I guess since Thanksgiving was a week later than usual, it’s just speeding everything up a little. Here’s a few pics of some of the fun we’ve been having to get ready for the holidays. 

IMG_2886   IMG_2888

We met some of our sweet friends at CMOM for a fun afternoon. The kids enjoyed the new “health” exhibit!


This particular display burped! Lovely, I tell you!

IMG_2895   IMG_2899

Then of course there was the “rock wall” of skin lesions!

We had a really great time playing with our out of town friends! Hopefully we can start doing this every time they come to Memphis!!


Tree is up! I love having all of our Christmas decorations set up. But it is such a pain getting it all down from the attic and setting it up!


Someone is LOVING the Starbucks snowman cookies! It’s becoming a habit every time we go into Target.

IMG_2936   IMG_2938

We did a small Thanksgiving at home this year, which meant I baked a few goodies! Banana Bread for breakfast and pies for desert (mini pumpkin and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan)


IMG_2946  IMG_2947



New (fake) glasses! This girl cracks me up!


The elves are back!! Let the fun begin!!

IMG_2975   IMG_3011


Gray loved his elf this year! They became the best of friends.. makes my heart melt!!

IMG_3031   IMG_3033

We had a mini “snow/ice” day in Memphis. The weather ended up not doing a whole lot, but we did get out of school! The kids had fun doing all the “snow preparations” …. inside out pjs, ice in the toilets, and frozen spoons under the pillows!



Chris and I had fun building gingerbread houses for 21 kindergarteners! I think my fingers were sore for days for glue gun burns!! YIKES!


IMG_3060   IMG_3066


We are so excited for Christmas!!

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