Tuesday, March 24

Spring is finally here!!

We are LOVING this warmer weather at the Stickles house! Last Tuesday it was about 75 degrees outside and Daddy was off work.. WOOHOO! So, we decided to pack the kids up and head to the zoo! Great idea, right?! WRONG! Halfway there we remembered that it was Tuesday/Free Day at the zoo.. which means crowds! On top of that, it was Spring Break for Mem and SC schools! Let me just tell you that we couldn't even get close to the zoo before being stuck in a horribly long line. It took us 45 min just to turn around! By this time the kids were hot and upset that they couldnt go to the zoo. So.. we headed back to G'town and went to the park! Even though it wasn't the zoo, I think they still had fun! Later we found out that close to 5000 people had the same great idea we did! Next time, we're planning a zoo trip on a random Thursday morning!!

We also celebrated Noni's birthday!! The kids pulled out their paint brushes and made her a special surprise! I must admit... it was hard for me to give them up... i wanted them for myself! :)

Finished Products!

And this is what happens IMMEDIATELY after a 1.5 yr old plays with paint!!!