Friday, March 6

Such a BIG GIRL!!

Yesterday morning, my first baby had her first surgery! Talk about a nervous Mommy!! I was a wreck.. she was completely unfazed! She went in to have tubes put in both her ears. So, hopefully Bye, Bye Ear Infections!!! She went in and got to pick out her gown, her "booties" (you know the hospital issued socks with rubber on the soles... so attractive!) and her gas flavor. Of course she picked bubble gum. The nurse didn't even have to finish the options! For those of you that have had any procedure done at LeBonheur or LeBonheur East (we were at East yesterday), you know about the Bunny Room. Well, the Bunny Room still exists! And what did Miss Lilly pick?! Why, pink pom poms, of course!! Should i be worried?! She already costs me enough money!! It was at the Bunny Room that we said our goodbyes. Mommy wanted to cry!! Lilly... still unfazed! She left in the nurses arms with her bunny room toy and her "get-well" monkey from Noni and Papa! (she got to go to Build-A-Bear and make a "bear" for her surgery day... spoiled?! a little!!) No more than 6 min later, the doctor was finished and out talking to us! He told us everything went really great! And surprise to us... both ears were infected .... AGAIN! I tell you, LK is such a little trooper. She had not complained of her ears one bit! Neither Chris nor I had any idea that her ears were infected! He told us that she was hard to get under the anesthesia. She fought it and fought it! Just when he thought she was finally under, he moved his hand toward her ear and all of a sudden her little hand came up and grabbed his arm!! Like a warning... "I dont think so buddy!!" He laughed telling us. This is completely not surprising of LK! She's been a fighter from the very beginning! Within a few minutes, we got to go back to recovery and she was just waking up. She was crying a little for Mommy (made my day!), but she was fine! They had to monitor her heart rate for a bit b/c she didn't want to wake up from the anesthesia, but she quickly bounced back! She immediately called her Goo-Goo and asked for some McDonald's! Of course... Goo-Goo came running and Memaw was soon to follow with flowers and balloons. I mean... you wouldn't have known it was only a 5 min procedure! You would have thought she'd been in the hospital for days!! By the time we got home she was back to her old self! Bouncing off the walls and ready to see her brother! ... and eat McDonald's!

Looks like we may be headed back to the good ole LB sooner than we'd hope though.... Ethan is next for tubes! Something is telling me his surgery day wont go so smoothly though!! He's like his mommy... he'll be a cryer!

For those of you with little ones... i HIGHLY recommend Dr. Thompson at UT Medical Group. He's the head of the Peds ENT Dept and unbelievably nice! Also.. every nurse at LeBonheur East was so great to work with and great with the kids!

I am SOOO proud of my Lilly Kate!!

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