Monday, November 1

2nd star to the right and straight on till morning...

Goodness.. this weekend FLEW by! We were so so busy, but had a ball!

Friday afternoon we FINALLY made it up to the pumpkin "store" (aka the little area in front of Schnucks with tons of pumpkins) to pick out our large "carving" pumpkin. We had gone to the patch to pick out smaller ones for the kiddos to paint, but we still needed to carve one. I tried to get a few cute pics... FAIL! ha! LK is beginning to HATE having her picture taken and Ethan.. well, Ethan doesn't like to sit still long enough!

{wow! can we all tell how exhausted Mommy is??!}

Saturday morning, we all got up bright and early to participate in the Memphis Race for the Cure! This is our 4th year to participate and it's always something that we look forward too. Chris' mom is a breast cancer survivor and we are so thankful for all the strides they have made to fight this disease!! I am always so amazed at the incredible turnout for this event and all the support from around the city. We were so excited that April and her girls were able to walk with us this year. Even though it was freezing, that 3 miles went by so quickly and we had a blast!

Miss Addyson found a foam finger and insisted on having it!

my sweet LK! SUCH a trooper!! She walked almost the ENTIRE 3 miles!!

and yes.. 1 month old Baby Abigail made the walk too! She slept the entire time!

i know.. i know.. he has his paci.. but hey, it was REALLY early and REALLY cold! i gave in! ;)

April's MIL and Addy

The Bunge Fam! (Chris' aunt and family)
LK and her Noni!

Stickles Fam!! (minus Britt!)

Love this girl!! And can you believe that she had a baby a month ago??! She looks GREAT!

Addyson was RUNNING the entire time! It was hilarious to watch! Poor Nana had to keep up with her! I think April is going to have to start signing her up for some kid races! :)

After the race, we went back to Chris' parents for Brittany's Birthday Breakfast! It was of course YUMMY! Then, we headed home for naps and to get ready for our Halloween party that night!

That night, we invited our family and close friends over for a Halloween Party! This was our 2nd year to do this and just like last year, it was a blast! It makes it so much easier for everyone to see the kids dressed up and to just have fun instead of driving all over the city!

We had SO many snacks and Noni brought cookies to decorate and even played the Mummy game with the kids. They loved it!

Brian and Brittany - Batman and Batgirl

Aaron, Haley and Mark

Sweet Baby Emerson

Goo-Goo and Big Daddy

My Mom! Her costume was great!

Noni and Papa

And our family costumes for this year......


Chris - Peter, LK - Tinkerbell, Ethan - Michael, Me - Wendy

I ended up making Chris' and LK's costumes. And yes.. those are green tights he's wearing! The things he does for the little girl who wants to be Tinkerbell! ;) E just wore some pjs that he had already and I bought an $8 nightgown from Walmart! I think it turned out pretty well though!

All the parents stayed up WAY too late chatting and laughing, and by the end of the night the kiddos were EXHAUSTED! (as you can tell!) But they had so much fun!! Ethan is usually outnumbered will all the girls, but he is sure to keep them all in line! Thanks to Haley, Gracie & Emerson .. Marc.. Aaron.. and The Caldwells.. we LOVED having you all over! And many many more thanks to our sweet family! You make our kiddos SO happy!

Haley and Aaron

Yesterday, we ran a few errands and then got well rested for Trick or Treating! We were a little worried about how our neighborhood would be considering that we live in a VERY prodominently Jewish neighborhood, but surprisingly, it turned out to be really fun!

my precious puppy! i just love this costume!

the flamingo stance! love it!

Huck went too!

checking out the loot!

Again... notice how tired we are! Raising kids is exhausting! ha!

Can we say SUGAR HIGH???!!! ;)

Gosh, I love this child!

They were SO happy!

Well, the weekend was fabulous and luckily for the kids, the sugar high doesn't stop today! Today is Chris' birthday, so I see cupcakes and ice cream in our future! ;)




Angie said...

Wow, I am tired just reading guys were busy busy! Looks like a fun time with lots of memories made!

I love the Peter Pan theme!

Haven's Mom said...

I love their home-sewn fall outfits!! So adorable! :)

Love from Texas said...

ok are you my long lost twin or something?!?! knox and hadley did peter pan too! i really wanted to be tiger lily and have james go as hook, but didn't have the effort... everyone looks great!

Natasha said...

love the peter pan idea!!! you're so clever sweetie... yours pics are so amusing and you know a dad loves his daughter when he wears tights =)

Kristen said...

I love the Peter Pan costumes, so cute!

Candice Lynn said...

that puppy costume is the cutest thing EVER....well maybe minus the little boy wearing it :)