Sunday, November 7

You dropped the bomb on me, baby!

Last night, Chris and I celebrated the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Goss. The wedding was breathtakingly beautiful!! We have been friends with both Rachel and Robbie since high school, so it was great to be surrounded by alot of friends for the occassion. It's always great to catch up with friends that you haven't seen in such a long time! The wedding was held a local Baptist church and the reception was at the historic Peabody Hotel in Downtowon Memphis. Everything was just gorgeous!!

Mrs. Rachel Goss - such a beautiful bride!

Bride and Groom

the incredibly gorgeous wedding cake! (and it was pretty darn yummy too!) :)

Ricky served as a groomsman and, of course, Jessica looked beautiful!

Lyns, Jess and Me.. we had SO much fun! (maybe too much!) ha!

Chris and his best friend, Justin

I had a VERY VERY hard time finding a dress for the wedding. To be honest, I've gained a little bit of weight recently, so absolutely NOTHING fit properly! I finally found this Lilly dress that I fell in love with. I literally had to squeeze myself into it, but I'm glad I did! I LOVE IT!! Once I actually got it on, it was the most comfortable dress ever! And, I wont lie.. the compliments I got on it didn't hurt either! ;)

my lovely sister

Isn't he so handsome?! :)

Lyns and Ryan - brother of the groom

it was FREEZING outside!! We all went out afterwards, so I was SO glad that I brought my coat along for the walk!

hilarious pic! so much for a family portrait!! ha!

After the wedding, we all decided to walk over to a Memphis late night hot spot.. RAIFORDS!! I LOVE RAIFORDS!! Just about the entire wedding party went and we had a GREAT time! By this time, everyone was beginning to feel the drinks from the main bar, so when I walked in, just about all the boys were up on stage having a ball! It was hilarious to watch. Made me feel like I was back at a high school dance with all my best friends. We danced the night away!

Landon and Rachel Young


Mr. Harding having a grand ole time! ;)

LOVE Landon Tate!

Yes, that's my husband! ha!

The Young's

We had the best time! It's not very often that we get a night out on the town like that, so we took full advantage of our freedom! We were out till the wee hours of the morning and you can bet that we are both feeling it today! I have a pile of laundry and bathrooms that need cleaning, but I've been lounging around watching SVU all day! ha! Well, except for the quick Target trip to stock up on some Christmas toys that were on sale!!

I hope everyone has a great week! I am using this week to get a head start on some much needed Christmas shopping!


Emily said...

Those Young's...GEEZ!!! Looks like it was lots of fun!!

Ben and Emily said...

Love your dress! Looks like a blast!!

Candice Lynn said...

Ahhh, look at my handsome brother in a tux! Love it. Your dress was amazing. so so so cute!

hate I missed you in Nashville this weekend. Dec 11th weekend. Let's try to have a girls dinner or something maybe??? me, you, haley, april ???

Cindy said...

LOVE your dress!! You can never go wrong with Lilly!