Friday, February 22

Locks of Love

The weekend before LK’s birthday, she made a HUGE decision to cut off all of her hair! For almost a year now, she’s been growing it out with the intention of giving it to Locks of Love. Honestly, I didn’t think that she’d really cut it! I mean, I know that I would have chickened out! ha! I am SO proud of her!!! I am so blessed to be this little girl’s mom! She is such a sweet, brave soul!

IMG_3979       IMG_3982

Last pics with long hair!! Never nervous at all!

IMG_3985       IMG_3988

And.. it’s coming off!




Look how cute she is!! I am SO incredibly proud of her!!


This is typically how she wears it. LOVE how it looks with cute bobby pins, clips, and headbands! She looks SO grown up!

DSC_0084       DSC_0085


10 inches are on their way to give another little girl a head full a beautiful hair! What a great organization Locks of Love is!!

And don’t worry, LK loves her new look! I was extremely nervous that she’d hate it and cry for days, but she has really embraced it! She’s already talking about growing it out again for Locks of Love!

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A Wedding Story said...

What a sweet girl! Her short hair is just, love, love it.