Thursday, March 21

Let’s Get Caught Up!

Like I said in my last post, we’ve been boring and I’ve done a terrible job of taking pictures. I’m working on that! I’ve managed to get a few randoms from around the house though..  


Gray has discovered Legos. Loves them!! Even Ethan can get on board with that one! ;)



Look, Mama! He builds towers and more towers and more towers!



One of the projects that we’ve been working on around the house is the kids’ rooms. I purchased new antique beds for all of them (matching for the boys) and we’ve slowly but surely been getting new furniture, bedding, and the works. Chris was changing out LK’s bed and his little sidekick decided to help..


Apparently Daddy was doing it wrong!


The biggest news recently is that Ethan has LOST A TOOTH!!! He is so proud! I can’t believe that my baby is big enough to start loosing teeth.


Please excuse the messy face. Boys don’t know how to wash properly!




$5 from the tooth fairy!!


LK and I attended a baby shower for our sweet friend, Rachel. Miss Evie will be here in May! We can’t wait!!!


G being goofy! He’s such a little camera ham!



After church one Sunday, LK and I were able to get away for a few hours for some shopping. Gotta love finding pics like this on your camera days after! ha!



Love her!!! Such a mess!!

Over spring break, Addyson came down from Nashville for a few days. She spent the night with us one night and we spent the day at the Zoo. Unfortunately, I think the entire city of Memphis decided to join us. So, we decided to just go to the new Stingray exhibit and then call it a day. It was wonderful!! We ended up getting there right as they were starting feeding time, so we were able to feed them. Coolest thing ever!!! Even Grams fed them!




They had sharks in the pool too! Some of the stingrays were gigantic! So much fun!

Now, we’re just gearing up for spring! (Hopefully! It’s supposed to snow tonight!) We’ve started TBall and golf lessons recently and getting ready for games. We are ready for warmer weather!!

I’ll try to do some better updates soon!



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