Thursday, April 4

Egg Hunt

The Wednesday before Easter, Ethan’s class held their Egg Hunt and Easter Party. I was able to go and help out. It was so much fun!! I absolutely LOVE Ethan’s class, school, and teacher. I couldn’t have asked for a better “transition” year!!

I have to admit though, that lately I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty “cool” in the cool mom category with him. I listen to his favorite songs, buy him all of his “musts” on his baseball equipment list, and stopped making him wear “fancy clothes” (smocked/boutique). You know.. all the usual stuff. That is until the egg hunt! Just when I thought I was a pretty cool boy mom, a kid shows up with Darth Vader eggs! Yes.. Darth Vader. Who knew that they even made Darth Vader eggs???! Yep, we had the regular ole 1.00 Target eggs! (and I even filled them with his favorite candy Twizzlers!!!) He looked at me like I was the most UNcool mom ever! Thank a lot, kid with Darth Vader eggs! You better be appreciate you mom! Oh well, you live and learn. Next year, I will scouring the city of Memphis in search of the coolest plastic Easter eggs known to man!

Pretty soon though, the eggs were forgotten and the hunt was on!


DSC_0008   DSC_0009



He filled it up in about 2 min! ha!


DSC_0019   DSC_0020

See the Darth Vader eggs!!! I mean, really!


Comparing eggs!



DSC_0031   DSC_0038

I got a special treat b/c Ethan was the class leader that day!! He was so cute standing up there leading his class in all their morning group time activities.

Next up was the party. They made cupcake bunnies and had a few snacks. So fun! I am so glad that I got to help out with his party. He was super excited that I was there. Love getting to enjoy special times with my kiddos!!!

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