Wednesday, May 15

Ethan’s Pre-K Graduation

I officially have a Preschool Grad! I am SO proud of Ethan Carter Stickles!!!

This has actually been a transition-K year for E. He has a June birthday, so we decided to just wait another year before starting Kindergarten. It has been the best decision we’ve ever made. He has thrived so much this year. He was blessed with amazing teachers! We are 100% ready and excited for Kindergarten in the fall!!!!

His end of year program and graduation was last week and of course, as soon as I sat down to start taking pictures, I realized that I forgot the card for my camera!! I was devastated! I tried to get a few on my phone. :( I did get several videos though, so I’ll have to post those soon!

IMG_0336       IMG_0337

Doesn’t he look so handsome?! My heart melts for that sweet boy!!


He’s too cool for pics these days! ;)

IMG_0349       IMG_0350

Walking across the stage! I cried like a baby!


One of the Moms made these great handprint trees for the teachers!!! So creative!!


After their program and graduation, they had a luau party in the gym. The kids loved it!

IMG_0357       IMG_0359

He especially loved the chocolate ice cream and face painting!!




Class Pic!

I so love that sweet boy and I am so proud of him! Bring it on, Kindergarten… we are SO ready! ;)

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Amy said...

Congrats to Ethan!