Thursday, May 16

Planning and More Planning

It seems as though I'm always up to something around our house! The house projects NEVER end! There's always a pile of sewing that needs to be done. And, there seems to always be some sort of party or function for the kids that needs planning. Lately, it seems like I have all of the above going on!! It's been a little crazy, to say the least. Not to mention that Chris has been out of two for going on 2 weeks now! Fun, I tell you! ;)

Right now, the biggest projects (other than trying to coordinate summer plans/camps!) is getting the boys' room updated and ALL big boy, and also planning their birthday party!

First up, Bedroom... Here's the look I'm going for:

Boys' New Room

I've had their beds for forever. I bought them at a local antique store. I've purchased the bedding (the green strip and blue quilt above), a dresser that I'll paint green, and the ikea bookshelf - all above! The only thing left to purchase is a few shelves and Gray's mattress. I can't wait!!! They are excited to finally get everything together and I know Gray is more than excited to move up from a toddler bed to a big boy bed.
Next big project is planning their birthday party. Last year we did separate parties since they were each big years (Ethan was turning 5 and Gray was turning 1). From now on though, we're doing joint parties. No sense in doing 2 parties when they're only about 3 weeks apart!!
Here's the inspiration for this year's bash:  
Boys Surf Party

We're going for a surfboard/shark theme. It was Ethan's idea! I hope it turns out as cute as I am picturing!! :) It'll be good preparation to get us all ready for our beach trip in July!!

So, after their room is finished, the party is over, and the sewing is complete (wishful thinking here... ), I think I might take a few weeks off, have a few (or 10) glasses of wine, and sit back and relax! ;)

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