Thursday, January 2

Christmas Day

So, the big Christmas surprise was a quick trip to Disney World! The kids had NO idea!! It was fabulous! Best surprise ever!! Right after the kids opened their gifts and played for a few minutes, it was time to head to the airport! I had been secretly packing for days, so their suitcases were already full and read to go. Our flight took off at 10am Memphis time and landed in Orlando around 2pm. I am so thankful that Memphis now has Southwest.. reasonably priced non-stop to Orlando! HOORAY! Everything went so smooth. I feel like we’re slowly becoming Disney pros!


Of course, on the last day of school, we found out that three kids in Ethan’s class had the flu! I of course started to panic! There’s a 4-5 day incubation period with the flu and we made it 4 days, just enough time to make me think we had escaped it, and sure enough Ethan started running fever. It was Monday and we were flying out Wednesday. I took him to the Dr and sure enough, he had the flu. We immediately started TamiFlu and got some for LK and Gray too. Normally, I probably would have just rescheduled our trip, but considering that this was our ENTIRE CHRISTMAS.. we HAD to go! We had two days to get Ethan’s fever under control. Fortunately, it finally broke Christmas Eve. He was fever free on the plane, but still not feeling 100%. Poor guy! Other than being a bit sleepy, you would have never known it though!! He was such a trooper!



Family Christmas Pic!

DSC_0094    DSC_0098

I have to say.. it was REALLY nice to go from 30 degrees in Memphis to a great 75 degrees in Orlando!! We might make this a Christmas tradition!! As soon as we landed, we headed straight to Epcot. Ethan was finally tall enough this trip to ride the bigger rides like Test Track and Mission: Space. He LOVED them!! LK on the other hand and a full blown panic attack on Test Track and swore off fast/scary rides for the remainder of the trip!! Oh, that girl!


We made dinner plans for Christmas night at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for a princess character meal.


LK and Beauty

DSC_0111  DSC_0113

Light up Buzz and Firemen! He was happy!!

DSC_0114    DSC_0115

LK LOVED it!!! A girl is NEVER too old for princesses! :) And, poor Ethan… He was exhausted!! He slept through the entire meal! That first day of traveling and still recuperating was really rough on him.

DSC_0119  DSC_0123

DSC_0125  DSC_0128


Best Disney story… Snow White came to visit our table and asked LK where she was from. LK told her that she was from Memphis and Snow said, “MEMPHIS! You know, there’s a little town just South of Memphis that I just adore! Do you know of Oxford, MS?” LK (and maybe Mommy!) LK’s face lit up! She made sure to give Snow extra hugs and several “Hotty Toddy’s!”

DSC_0135  DSC_0137



Epcot at night!

DSC_0151    DSC_0152


We had the best Christmas Day that we’ve ever had!! It was so fun and relaxed and all about us! We’re usually so rushed going from house to house visiting everyone. We had so much fun just letting loose and enjoying each other’s company!

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