Thursday, June 14

My FAVORITE 5 year old!

This past Sunday, we celebrated my sweet Ethan’s fifth birthday!! I just can not believe that my boy is already FIVE years old!!! We always do something big for their 5th bdays, so I let him pick where he wanted his party. He chose The Little Gym and requested an Avengers theme. I was more than happy to go along with this! Luckily, since we’ve taken classes at TLG, we got a member discount! So, I was able to spend a little more on some cute decorations!! :) (always a plus!)

DSC_0011       DSC_0012

I ordered these AWESOME cookies from Whimsy Cookie Company!! They were incredible! I ordered two trays and used them for favors! All the kids LOVED them! Big hit!!


I ordered the tags, favor tags, and banner from Etsy. I ordinarily would have just made these myself but I haven’t a lot of extra time lately and these were just what I was looking for. They turned out great!

DSC_0017       DSC_0018


I did, however, make the cupcakes! Thanks to Grams for the Hulk green icing!!

DSC_0021       DSC_0022


The sweet girls at TLG were great! They had everything set up before we even arrived and it was adorable! I dropped all the supplies of the day before and they took it from there! It was fabulous!! I’ve never had a party where I literally didn’t have to do a thing. Even when we had LK’s 5th bday party at the Children’s Museum, I still had to supply all the food and do all the set up/clean up myself. This was just the type of low key party we needed!! I recommend TLG to everyone!!!

DSC_0027   DSC_0033   DSC_0035

All the kiddos arrived right on time and immediately started running wild! Great thing about TLG… everything is padded!!! :)

DSC_0036       DSC_0038


DSC_0045  DSC_0047  DSC_0055

DSC_0058       DSC_0059

Just about all his little friends from school showed up and he was so happy to see everyone!

DSC_0062       DSC_0065

After a while of running wild, they got everyone in the middle to play with the parachute. It was so fun to watch!

DSC_0069       DSC_0072 


DSC_0078       DSC_0082

DSC_0088       DSC_0091

Then they played a fun game of Slam the Cheese. They ran and knocked the big mats down. They loved it!

DSC_0093      DSC_0095


DSC_0116       DSC_0121

DSC_0134       DSC_0136

The final thing they did before cake time was to break out the airtrack for some bouncing fun!



DSC_0153       DSC_0155

After an hour of fun, it was time to head to the party room for pizza, chips, and cupcakes!!

DSC_0158  DSC_0160  DSC_0162

Look at the sweat! He had a blast!!!


DSC_0172       DSC_0173

LK was sweet and helped to hand out the balloons and cookie favors.


SOOOOOO happy!!!

DSC_0185  DSC_0188  DSC_0206

After we got home, we opened his gifts. His friends were way too kind to him and loaded him up with some great toys!!


DSC_0196  DSC_0197  DSC_0202

Jack got him some popcorn and a movie pass! Thanks, Jack!!!

DSC_0211       DSC_0214

DSC_0215       DSC_0218

After opening gifts, it was time to get ready for party #2 with family!! Birthdays are NEVER boring around our house!!

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