Monday, July 30

Birthday Fun!

The day of Gray’s birthday (July 6th), Noni and Papa brought over a special treat for him! A new water table!!! Gray LOVES playing in water.. the pool, the bath, the dog’s water bowl.. ha! This was the perfect gift for him. As soon as he saw it, he went right over and started playing with it!

DSC_0196     DSC_0197

Loving the water!

DSC_0198     DSC_0199

I’m pretty sure that Huck thinks it’s just a big water bowl for him!


Look at that happy face!! Thanks, Noni and Papa!

DSC_0202     DSC_0204

My sweet boys!

LK ended up spending the night out that night with my mom, so we took the boys out to eat. I tried to snap a few pics of the birthday boy before dinner, but this is the best I could get!

DSC_0277     DSC_0278

Smiling…. to…

DSC_0283     DSC_0284     DSC_0285

OVER IT! Oh well.. that’s life! ;)


At least the other two were good sports about it!

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