Sunday, July 29

Gray turns 1 {Part 2}


Just a few more party pics! ……

DSC_0068-001       DSC_0069-001

We had such a fun time at the party! Everyone stayed for several hours and then a few friends even hung around for a while afterwards to play in the backyard.


G absolutely loves his tractor and is sure to put up a fight with just about anyone over it! ha! Look at that face!

DSC_0088-001    DSC_0091-001    DSC_0092-001

When is started to get a little darker outside, we finally broke out the sparklers! The kids loved them!!


Let’s NOT pay attention to Mommy’s gigantic thighs, and pay more attention to the madness of kiddos wanting sparklers! ;)


Gray even got a BIG sparkler!!!

DSC_0118-001       DSC_0120-001

DSC_0122-001       DSC_0128-001

After a while, and some major convincing from the kiddos, the moms climbed in the trampoline! It was SOO much fun! Although, I will warn you.. if you do a toe touch and you haven’t done in about 10 years… it will hurt.. BAD! And you probably wont be able to walk right the next day. Just saying! ;) (Totally worth it though to hear your child say, “You are the coolest Mom EVER!”.. yep, totall worth it!)

DSC_0131-001       DSC_0134-001

It was WAY past bedtime by the time everyone left, but this little man had the time of his life! Thank you to all of our friends and family that came to celebrate with us! We had a great time and are so thankful for all the love that you show our sweet kiddos!

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