Monday, January 14

Christmas Day (#4 & #5)

We were expecting the kids to be awake super early. Ethan and LK woke up around 7am. We had to wake Gray up at 8am! Couldn’t believe it!! Of course, the ONE morning that he decides to sleep in, is the one morning that we have to get up super early! Figures! ;)

The kiddos were so excited to see all their Christmas gifts!

DSC_0118       DSC_0119

It was overload!!

DSC_0120       DSC_0123



We couldn’t forget our favorite puppy!!



He was itching to try out his new bike!

DSC_0133       DSC_0138

Chris went to wake Gray up and he immediately went for his tricycle.



Ethan was very excited about his new Hawkeye crossbow!


LK was happy to get the AG doll tent that she’s been wanting.

DSC_0153       DSC_0158

After opening all the gifts, Grams came over for breakfast. Then we got to playing with all of our fun new toys!

DSC_0168       DSC_0175

Just in case anyone was wondering… I am a Lego building and train track making MASTER!

We attempted to try out the new bikes, but it was super cold and rainy that day. It still hasn’t been really great outside but he’s been able to ride it a few times.

DSC_0185       DSC_0187


Later that day, Noni and Papa, along with Brittany and Brian, came over for Christmas #5! Last year, we started a new tradition where we stay home on Christmas Day. It’s been wonderful!!


DSC_0202       DSC_0207


We had a great time seeing everyone and celebrating Christmas with them!

The day after Christmas we got an unexpected snow! The kiddos had a blast playing in it!!!

DSC_0215       DSC_0223



Our “day after” White Christmas was wonderful. Just like the rest of our fabulous holiday! I just love celebrating Christmas with my family!

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