Wednesday, January 16

Since Christmas…

We honestly haven’t been doing much since Christmas and New Years. It’s hard to get back in the swing of things after being on a relaxed schedule for several weeks. And, we ALL got spoiled with having Daddy home for those 2 weeks!! (BEST part of his job!!!) Unfortunately, he’s back to his “out of town” schedule and has been gone since last Monday. So, we’re just trying to keep everyone sane and healthy. The healthy part has been quite tricky! 3 kids in Ethan’s class have come down with the flu and it’s spreading like wildfire around the school. Ethan was actually sick this week with flu symptoms. So, Gray and LK went to hang out with my Mom, while he recuperated. I am NOT ready to have the flu running rampant in the house! Especially with Chris out of town! No, Thank you!!


We’ve been playing with the trains a lot. Gray seems to really like them. I might have to break down and buy another train table!

DSC_0047       DSC_0051


DSC_0055       DSC_0056

We also got a new friend in the house! The kids have been begging for a turtle for forever. Well, Chris happened to find a baby turtle while he was at work one day and brought him home. So, now we have “Squirt”! He’s a Red Eared Slider.. aka – aquatic turtle. So, he has to have a tank with mostly water and just a little “land” to get some sun. He’s a cute little thing!! The kids love him. But, guess who’s taking care of said turtle??? This chick! Yep, Chris finds him, brings him home, let’s the kids fall in love with it, leaves town for work…. and I’M the one taking care of it! Of course! And let’s not even talk about how often I’m disinfecting it’s area b/c of fear of salmonella! it’s ridiculous!! Who knew a turtle could be so much work?!

DSC_0059       DSC_0060

I was taking these through the take so they’re not that great!


So, basically we’ve just been hanging out, playing, avoiding the funk, and relaxing!


Sweet Baby!


Best of friends!!!


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Kelly said...

I love see pictures of Huck with your kiddos! I can't wait until Mable has brothers and sisters to play with too!