Wednesday, January 9

Christmas #1.. of 6!

Ok.. we are going way back to the weekend before Christmas for get together #1! Like I said, Christmas is a whirlwind! Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Rosemark to my grandparent house. We were having supper with my grandparents, Dad, brother, sister, and cousins. I always look forward to get togethers at my grandparents, b/c that always ensures that my Dad will cook and he is amazing!! Always delicious!!! This year was no different! The prime rib was to die for!!! Daddy certainly outdid himself!

DSC_0011-001 DSC_0014-001 DSC_0016-001

Trying to get a few cute pics in front of the tree! Look at the stinker on the right! How can you not love him??! :)

DSC_0018-001       DSC_0019-001


DSC_0022-001 DSC_0024-001 DSC_0025-001

Future Frat Boy! Oh boy!! I have my work cut out trying to keep girls away from this kid!

DSC_0029-001       DSC_0030-001

LOVE his sweet bubble!!!



LK, E, and their cousin Olivia. This year our “cousin” gifts were Lima Bean Kids personalized plates! A big hit!!

DSC_0035-001       DSC_0038-001

Of course, the kids were way too spoiled with fun gifts! Ethan loved his helicopter and LK loved her AG Caroline book set.

DSC_0039-001       DSC_0051-001

Gray came home with a LOVELY drum/music set!!! Fabulous! ;)


And, with all the gifts he received.. guess what he liked to play with?! Great Grandma Mae’s walker! I swear.. why buy toys??!


Uncle Nathan was super sweet and helped the girls with their bead necklace craft! (he’s going to kill me for posting this!! ha!)


Nathan and Elena Grace! (my baby brother – 23 and baby sister – EIGHTEEN .. when did that happen????!)


Daddy and his kiddos!


Daddy and his girls!

DSC_0068-001       DSC_0069-001

We tried to take a few pics with Grandma Mae.. we TRIED! :)

DSC_0072-001       DSC_0073-001

Great Great Grandma Mae and her babies! Gray just makes me laugh.. A LOT! Such a stud.. too good for pics! ha!


Typical sibling pic! I am older.. WAY older.. than these two and WAY smaller!!! Seriously. I look like a child!


Love my family!


DSC_0083-001       DSC_0084-001

We had a wonderful time with my grandparents, Dad, and family! We were able to stay most of the afternoon and evening and it was great! I hate that I don’t get to see them more often! Chris came home with lots of prime rib leftovers and was able to make Italian beef sandwiches for lunch the next day! Best Italian beef sandwich we’ve ever had! ha!

Next up.. Christmas #2!

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