Tuesday, June 18

Ethan turns 6!!!

So, after last year’s birthdays (Ethan – 5 and Gray – 1), we decided that we would do one birthday celebration for the boys. With their birthdays being only about 3 weeks apart, it just doesn’t make sense to have separate parties. That was the plan for this year, at least! I even started planning a joint party and started ordering supplies. That’s until Ethan went to his friend, Thomas’ birthday party. Thomas had his birthday party at Crossfire. We had never been and it was awesome! I should have known that when you had to put on a harness at the beginning of the party, that Ethan would love it! He did! As we were walking out of the door, he was already asking to have his birthday party there. So, of course, I caved and booked him a party! That meant that all of the supplies and planning I had done for the join party had to become a party for Gray. So, you guessed it.. TWO parties! ha! I guess there’s always next year! ;)

I kept the party very low key though and just had cupcakes and fruit for party snacks. He invited a few friends and had a great time!!! Crossfire is the coolest place for boys to have a birthday! I didn’t take pics while they were in the activity room, but they did. I have a CD that I’ll have to post of those pics. Here are the pics I took in the party room.





Sweet friends! He is so NOT like his sister! She would have a had a list a mile long of friends she wanted to invite. Ethan, on the other hand, only had a list of 5! Such a boy!


He had a great time!!










So happy for my sweet boy! He had a great time turning six years old. His birthday gift was a go-kart! I’ll have to post a pic of him riding it when I post the other pics from the party! He was so surprised to get it!! He LOVES to go fast!!!

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