Friday, June 14


Lately, it seems like I’m doing a lot more Instagraming , than blogging. Sorry friends! Life gets crazy!! If you don’t follow me on IG though, you should! (nataliestickles).

Here’s a few IG updates!


Chris was out of town for Mother’s Day, so I got my gifts a weekend early. Chris did SO good! I got solar lanterns, cute condiment containers, PB tray, and a new apron. I had been hinting for weeks that I wanted these items and he got them ALL! I am so lucky!

IMG_0375       IMG_0404

We got a few Teacher’s Appreciation gifts! We put some flowers in mason jars with Target gift cards, and got LK’s teacher this adorable tote bag from Bumbletees! I couldn’t resist it!!


My sweet sleeping babies!


My sister’s Graduation announcement!!!

IMG_0400     IMG_0406

We had a lovie accident! Huck got a hold of Gray’s lovie and chewed the bottom. Luckily we found a new one the next morning!! Crisis adverted!

IMG_0405       IMG_0408

Ethan made the cutest Mother’s Day craft at school! Now, I’m still wondering how much Chris paid him to put that, but it’s precious none the less! ;) (and I have to agree with him!!) He got a chocolate smoothie (aka – McDonald’s milkshake) and french fries as a treat!


The Chuggington Daze! He’s obsessed!!

IMG_0412     IMG_0413

Swanky’s To Go! Ethan’s fave!!! Best chips and salsa in Memphis!


I got my very first peony bloom this year!!! LOVE peonies!!


He sure does love his puppy!

IMG_0430       IMG_0434

The boys and I had a morning to ourselves, so we ran a few errands and picked up some milk paint for Mommy! I’m painting the dresser that I got at an antique store.


Another craft… chevron burlap wreath!!


Love those lashes!!!

IMG_0467     IMG_0468

IMG_0469     IMG_0470

IMG_0471     IMG_0472


LOVE my babies!!!!!


Gifts for sweet friends! :)

IMG_0488     IMG_0495

Straight from golf lessons to a baseball game!! It’s been crazy around here!


This kids LOVES Dorito Locos Tacos! Seriously. Obsessed.


Balloon release for our sweet Poppie!

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