Monday, June 10

My Baby is Growing Up!

This year was my baby sister’s Senior year of high school! I seriously couldn’t believe it!! First, she turned 18 in December and now she’s graduating!!! Where did my BABY go??! I was 12 when my Daddy and my stepmom, Sheri, brought her home. She literally was my real life baby doll. Words can’t describe how incredibly proud of her I am. She has truly grown into such a remarkable young lady.

On the night of her graduation, we all headed north to Munford, TN to attend the festivities. Mom, Nathan, Lilly, and I drove up together. My grandparents live not too far away, so my Dad came with them. Now, let me just say… I am a TOTAL city girl! Now, I can get my hands dirty now and again, but I am used to street lights, Target, Poplar Ave, and graduations INSIDE! This one was NOT! It took almost an hour from my house to get there (I typically only drive that when I’m going to my grandparents), then we had to park in a field and walk across said field to get the the football stadium where the ceremony was being held… OUTSIDE! Yes, Toto, I was not in Kansas anymore! And, let’s not even mention how “fish out of water” poor LK felt! haha!! Poor girl! All was good though until I saw people setting up their lawn chairs to watch from the edge of the field!!! YES! LAWN CHAIRS!!! Oh my! It was an experience for sure!

All joking aside though, my sister looked stunning and the ceremony was actually very well put together and they moved it along VERY quickly! Good thing too b/c she graduated with over 300 classmates. (Who knew small towns had so many people??!)


We had a great view and luckily I brought my zoom lens!


She looks gorgeous!!!






She spotted us!



Getting her diploma!





I hate that it’s blurry, but I LOVE this photo!!! She is so happy!




Throwing their caps!


DSC_0490   DSC_0492

Elena and her boyfriend (who is super cute and nice!) and her step sister, Kelby (LOVE K!)

DSC_0493   DSC_0498

You can see that I am a total shorty compared to my brother and sister!!! ha! I had to laugh when I saw this pic during editing b/c I never realized before how close our hair color is!!


Me and My Baby!


See.. SHORT! Elena Grace, Nathan, and me!


Proud Big Brother! (and just for the record, don’t underestimate how much of a protective big brother he is.. he was FB stalking Laine’s boyfriend as soon as got back in the car!!! haha!)

DSC_0499   DSC_0502

Laine with Daddy and Grandma & Bompa.. you can see where the height comes from!


Laine and her Mommas…. My Mom, Terri, and Elena’s mom, Sheri


Elena with her Momma and her Stepdad, Buddy…


Mom and LK

We had a great night! Later that weekend, we all met back up at my grandparents house to have a family lunch. It was wonderful! LK and I picked out some Vera Bradley goodies for Elena’s dorm room. She was super happy! She is off to Knoxville in the fall and I couldn’t be happier for her!! Granted it’s not Ole Miss, but it’s an SEC school and she’s getting OUT of Memphis! I can’t wait to attend a few football games.. although, I will NOT be wearing that gaudy orange color! :)

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