Tuesday, November 19

Big Birthdays!

This November brought Big Birthdays in our family! First up was Chris’s big 3-0! He turned 30 on November 1st. We started the celebrations with breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Brother Junipers by UofM. It was delicious!


I had big plans that night, and Chris didn’t have a clue! We went to dinner at The Local in Midtown. I LOVE their food! Little did Chris know, but I managed to get a hold of all of his close high school buddies and they ALL came in town to meet us and surprise Chris. We literally were finishing up dinner and they all walked in. He was shocked!


IMG_2710  IMG_2711

I was so happy for him! What a great birthday surprise!!

IMG_2712  IMG_2713

His sister, brother in law, and cousins came too! It was so much fun!!

IMG_2714  IMG_2715

The soon-to-be Harding’s and the Donahoe’s

IMG_2716  IMG_2717

The Bounds’ and the Lucas’

IMG_2718  IMG_2719

Aunt Lyns and Brett & Katie and Brandon

We had so much fun!!! It was great to see everyone all together again.

Next up was my brother’s 30th on November 15th. We went out to Bartlett that night to have a small family get together.

IMG_2828  IMG_2829

Ricky and his Dad had just gotten home from a week long hunting trip in Iowa. Needless to say there were dear hanging in the backyard and Ethan was ecstatic! He came up to me holding dear legs… I couldn’t find the hand sanitizer fast enough!!! Gross!!


IMG_2831  IMG_2832


The next night, his girlfriend, Katie, threw him a surprise birthday party at Brookhaven. He had NO clue! We had a lot of fun chatting with everyone, but somehow I only managed to take one picture! oh well! It was a lot of fun though!!

We definitely had a fun November celebrating all of these big days! It was a blast! I can’t believe that we’re all getting so old!!

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