Friday, November 15

Fall Odds & Ends

Here’s a few random IG photos…


On Mondays and Tuesdays we have to be at school before we even usually get out of bed!! We don’t like it!

IMG_2563  IMG_2565

Two of Gray’s favorites… his iPad and fire helmets!

IMG_2569  IMG_2578

Gray figured out that Halloween was about candy.. he loved it! And, look at those goldilocks.. I get told at least twice a day that SHE is just the prettiest baby! ha!

IMG_2601  IMG_2603

Trunk or Treat

IMG_2604  IMG_2605

IMG_2588  IMG_2589

IMG_2590  IMG_2606


Oh, these bracelets! They are EVERYWHERE!!! They remind me of the slap bracelets that we all had in elementary school!



IMG_2644  IMG_2661

I love getting to attend school activities with this boy! Field trips and fall parties… the best!

IMG_2651  IMG_2664

Chris was out of town for most of October. He finally came home on Halloween Day! We were so excited to have Daddy back!! We quickly put him to work carving pumpkins and going trick or treating.

IMG_2654  IMG_2671

Loot for the Troops at the dentist office! We had over 6lbs of candy!!! Gracious!


Foul moods!

IMG_2733  IMG_2742

Well, I managed to get myself super sick a few weeks ago. I had flu like symptoms and was basically dying for a few days. I even ended up in the ER. All my tests came back normal (and yes, I felt like I may have jumped for joy with that big ole NEGATIVE!! HA!). No one was ever able to tell me what was wrong with me. After about a week and a half though, I was on the mend. Whatever it was, it was awful. I’ve never been so sick in my life! to Gray took full advantage… like suckers for breakfast. He knew I didn’t have the energy to take it away. Smart boy!

IMG_2745  IMG_2749

And OF COURSE I managed to get sick on the ONE weekend that we actually had super fun stuff planned! It was heartbreaking!

IMG_2771  IMG_2772

Chris is loving his birthday gift! And, Gray… no words!

IMG_2774  IMG_2778

This little girl took wonderful care of me though. She hung by my side and watched our favorite movies with me. Love her sweet heart!


IMG_2802  IMG_2835

Since I had to miss my Oxford fun, Uncle Michael sent me his tickets for the following weekend! Love that amazing man!! (and love his 50yr line seats too!)



Another thing going on while I was sick… Ethan was Star of the Week! This is the poster that Daddy and E came up with! Makes me giggle every time I see it.


He cleans bathrooms for me… true love!

IMG_2870  IMG_2874

Love these sweet kiddos!


The #1 trick to parenthood… pick your battles!

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