Friday, November 1

Happy Halloween!

We were so excited about Halloween this year. Mostly b/c it was the day that Chris was coming home after being gone for almost a month working out of town. We were so excited!! All week, the weather forecast had been predicting a total downpour for Halloween. We really weren’t that worried since we had already done the Trunk or Treat at 2nd and Zoo Boo a few ago. It was ok if we weren’t able to go actual trick or treating. The kids had definitely had their fill of candy for sure! ;) And, all day, it was as predicted… downpour! Wouldn't you believe though… it stopped at dinner time and gave us just enough time to go trick or treating. Of course, the entire time we were out there, Ethan kept telling us that there were “tornado winds” and he was a nervous wreck. When we got home and turned on the TV, we were shocked to learn that HE WAS RIGHT!!! There were tornado watches and warnings all around us!! Future weather man??! ;)

DSC_0187  DSC_0190

Sweet little fireman and a beautiful Greek goddess!

DSC_0191  DSC_0194

Wolfman! (when did he get too big for cute costumes??!)


Group pic Take 1



Take 2


ANND… Take 3! we tried! ;)

DSC_0212  DSC_0215


Gray LOVED trick or treating!!! He was so into it!


Can you tell?! :) This house had Kit Kats and he yelled “KIT KAT” super loud! It was hilarious!!! We didn’t even know that he knew what a kit kat was!





This sweet old man is on his side porch every single Halloween! He is precious. He loved Gray’s costume. We look forward to seeing him every year.





Can you tell how tired I am??! A month of being a single parent can do that to you! ;)

We had a wonderful Halloween!! We were so happy that the rain stopped just in time for tick or treating!

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