Monday, July 5


We had an absolutely amazing fun-filled 4th of July weekend! I hope ya'll did too!!! :)

The weekend actually started on Thursday with Ethan's 4th of July Teddy Bear Parade at school! They decorated shoe boxes and took their favorite bears to join in the fun! Ethan, of course, took Alvin! But really, what's more American that Alvin and the Chipmunks! ;) Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Sara Beth did such a good job keeping the kids in order during the parade! They circled through the church lobby, main hallway and sanctuary. It was SO cute!!

My Little Man!

After the fun of the parade, it was off to our usual Thursday afternoon activities.. E's Little Gym sports class and LK's ballet lesson.

Friday we met my mom and my grandmother at her house to swim! We have done ALOT of swimming this summer! And wouldn't you know.. I'm STILL pasty pale! ha!

After a few hours of swimming, we went home for late naps! We had big plans for Friday night, so we needed to be able to stay awake a little later than usual! Luckily, the kids didn't fall asleep till almost 3 and slept till 5:30! Perfect!!

We decided to head out to the Avenue in Collierville (outdoor mall) for their Friday Family Movie Night! They were showing "Racing Stripes" and the kids LOVED it! We loaded up the wagon with snacks and had a great time! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and since the movie didn't start till the sun went down, the late naps worked out great! The kids stayed awake for the entire movie. We will definitely be going back for the next movie! The best part... IT'S FREE!

While the kids were napping, I appliqued shirts for them! They definitely needed some red, white and blue for the holiday weekend! :)

see what I mean about being pale??! ;)

While we were waiting on the sun to go down, they set up bubbles and sidewalk chalk to keep the kids busy!

Saturday morning, we woke up and ran a few errands, then enjoyed a family lunch!

That night, we went to the Bartlett Fireworks show! We loaded up the wagon, again, with snacks and met my grandmother and cousin, Lacie. Haley and her girls also came! Of course, I made outfits for the kids to wear!! :)

I am LOVING my machine!!

You can tell how thrilled Ethan was to stop and take a picture! ha!

They were much more excited about the fireworks!!

We found some yummy cupcakes at Kroger and topped them off with some 4th toppers we had at home! They were definitely festive!

We had such a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the surroundings! The weather was perfect again on Saturday night! Thank goodness!! Usually the Memphis heat is just unbearable in July!

Of course, Ethan couldn't keep that cute white jonjon clean for very long! It only took about 10 minutes and he was COVERED in dirt! So typical!

We LOVED the firework show!!! (and the good company!!)

Sunday, we went to my grandmother's house for more swimming and YUMMY fried chicken! :) Lilly Kate is becoming like her momma... she made a banner for the 4th! :)

I have to say that usually I'll get in the pool with the kids, but dont really "play" that hard! I typically just relax on a float and watch them have fun. But Sunday was different!! Both Chris and I were in the pool having a ball with the kiddos. From cartwheels and flips off the diving board to games and laps in the pool.. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got out!! We had such a good time though!

Ethan amazes me with his swimming skills! There is NO FEAR in him at all!! We make him wear swimmies when he jumps off the diving board or is in the deep end, but is already swimming without them in the shallow end!

Of course, LK is a fish in water!!

On the way home, as we were pulling into the neighborhood, Chris let LK climb up front and drive! (and dont worry.. it was just down our street and he was only going about 5mph!!!) She LOVED it!! And is quite the natural! :)I can't imagine that in exactly 10 years, she'll be driving on her own! That seems like so far away, but time just flies so quickly.. it'll be here before we know it!
We took late naps again on Sunday and all woke up around 6 that evening. So, we stayed up eating bomb pops and watching Alvin and The Chipmunks!

Huck wanted a lick SO bad!!

Ethan wanted to sleep in LK's room that night and it was quite the cute scene when we went to check on them! I'm so glad that my babies are so close and love being with each other!!

Today, we dropped the kids off at Chris' parents to play while we ran some errands. We just took it easy today! Chris hasn't really been feeling well (he's been running a 102 fever!) so after our errands, we just came home and he and the kids slept while I did a few chores. I dont know about ya'll , but this is what my Monday's usually consist of...

LAUNDRY!!! I dont know what it is about the weekends, but we seem to go through SO many clothes!! ha! Between the clothes and all the swimsuits and beach towels, I did about 5 loads today! Goodness!

And I also discovered something today... (you Ole Miss grads will appreciate this one.. ha!) Since Chris wasn't feeling well, he kept asking for ginger ale. Well, as I kept getting a cup down for him, I notice that I kept pulling down the same one over and over...

I mean... Apparently, we've bought one too many drinks at the football games!!! ha! I think all Ole Miss students probably have a few too many of these though! lol ;)

This evening, we've just done more relaxing and have been getting ready for our two "school" days this week! And yes.. Huck was so jealous that Ethan got a bath and he didn't!! ;)

Since my camera is broken, all of the above pictures are from my iPhone (still!!) Luckily, Haley posted some of Facebook from the fireworks the other night!!

Lilly Kate LOVES getting to play with Baby Emerson! And I LOVE getting to love on her! :)


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


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Ashley said...

It looked like you all had such a great time! I just LOVE the outfits you made the kids! I hopefully get my sewing machine in Aug...I might have a few (a lot) of questions for you HA!