Sunday, July 11

Summer Days drifting away...

Where has the summer gone??! In just a month from now the kids will be back in school everday!!! CRAZY!! I dont know where all the days have gone! We are definitely having a blast though! :)

On Tuesday, Chris' mom was off of work, so she took LK and Chris' sister to the Pink Palace Imax to see the Dolphins and Whales movie. She LOVED it!! What a fun day! :)

Ethan also had a fun day! It was Ice Cream Sundae Day at his school, so he got to enjoy some yummy ice cream at snack! They also made the CUTEST art project!! They made sundaes out of cotton balls, sprinkles, a red pom pom for the cherry and "whipped cream". Did you know that you can make "paint" out of 1/2 shaving cream and 1/2 glue??! It gets puffy and then dries hard. PERFECT for make-believe whipped cream! E was so proud of his art! :)

On Thursday we decided to meet my brother in downtown Memphis for lunch! We went to a family favorite, Hueys! They kids were so well behaved... esp considering that it was right in the middle of the lunch rush! (Thank goodness!) We always love getting to hang out with Uncle Ricky! And considering that we typically see him in his bass fishing attire, the kids were a little thrown off by the suit and tie! ;) (he was quite handsome though, ladies... and SINGLE!!! - hint, hint!!) ;)

After lunch, we headed straight for the zoo! We spent several hours there and even got to see the Sea Lion show! (Memphis Mamas - if you have an iPhone, you can download the Memphis Zoo app and it will give you a daily schedule of all the shows, keeper chats and feedings!! LOVE it!) After a few hours, I figured we were about to leave, so I let the kids go wild in the new Teton Trek geyser! They were SOAKED but loved every minute of it!

When we started to head into the Primate Pavillion, I noticed several people around the gorilla window... THIS is why....

Why, Hello There, Mr. Gorilla!!

See what I mean about the geyser??! How fun!!

Friday, Chris' mom took the kids swimming at Aunt Debbie's house! So... that meant that I had a completely free day!! I ran a few errands and did a little shopping.. ALONE! Unbelievable! I went by the WS Outlet and picked up this mix...
Surprisingly... it was pretty good!! It was no San Francisco Crab Cake.. but it was pretty tasty! ;) Even Chris liked it!

We paired them up with some grilled salmon (I also picked up some potchlack seafood rub - it was YUMMY!), wild rice, green beans and salad with feta! DELISH!

Saturday, we decided to go to the Buffalo Party at Shelby Farms! So, I had to make the kiddos a few shirts! ;)

The "party" is to support their Adopt-A-Buffalo program and to also annouce the name of the new baby buffalo! (which is Stax!) It was SO much fun!!! They had free Buffalo Wild Wings for everyone, lots of games and you got to visit the buffalo up close and personal!

I tried my best to keep Ethan from making a complete mess of himself! ha!

LK was having a fit b/c she needed a napkin! (she gets that from me.. i can not eat w/o a napkin!) haha!

She then got mad that I took her picture while she was eating!

Chris and E playing!


Chris thought it would be funny to throw a frisbe at me... as it was coming close I went to move out of the way and this is the pic my phone got.. HILARIOUS! look how close that thing was!!!
LK spotted a pond full of lily pads and insisted on having one!

And see what daddy did....

Can we say SPOILED???!

we left Shelby Farms, we met Chris' parents at Swanky's for lunch!!

All in all... we are definitely enjoying summer!!! Today we went swimming at Grams! I'll post more on the weekend soon! :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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