Monday, July 5

Life Lately.... and THE TOOTH!

WOW!! Life lately has just been a roller coaster! I thought that we (I) would definitely get bored staying home this summer, but boy was I wrong!! I can't even describe how busy we've been! Between the kids activities and camps (The Little Gym and ballet), I have pretty much felt like a taxi driver these days! Unfortunately... I DON'T GET PAID! ha! I've tried to snap a few photos along the way...

Brittany bought the kids this super fun coloring house for Christmas. We finally broke it out of the box and the kiddos went to town on it! They LOVED it! Luckily, I bought those splat mats a while back and they were perfect for the occasion! I was nervous that Ethan would decide to color on the carpet, so I quickly grabbed the mats from upstairs!

Speaking of activities.. LK spent a week at Vacation Bible School this year and LOVED it!! She went to 2nd Baptist where she used to go to MDO and Ethan still goes. (our church doesn't do VBS yet) So, she got to see alot of her old teachers and friends. AND - Ms. Haley's dad... which made her day! :) I just loved hearing all about what she learned everyday! Of course, since 2nd was doing VBS, that meant that Ethan was out of school for a week! We were SO ready to go back this past week! It gets rough on the kids when they get out of routine!

During the Wednesday evening services, the kids got to perform at little program for the parents. Not all of the kids came, but there were enough to make it fun! Goo Goo met us there and we had a good time watching the kids and visiting with everyone!

There was no VBS on Friday, so we woke up early and headed to the sprinkler park! Little did we know what was in store for us!!!

But first.. let me just tell you a little bit about what Ethan has been up too lately...

Now, he's ALWAYS been a handful. But it seems like he's really breaking out of shell recently!

First of all.. he is really sprouting in height! He definitely inherited the Smith height! (my brother, my dad and my grandfather are all over 6ft!) He is SOOO tall and SOOO skinny! BEANPOLE for sure! He eats like a horse and never gains weight! He has absolutely no waist! (makes me sick! ha!) So.. everything is too small in length and too big in the waist! Almost all of his jonjons are too short in the stride. Which definitely makes his recent "trend" a tad bit difficult...

Lately he has ONLY wanted to wear jeans and his "boat" shoes! I bought him a pair of Sperry's from Stride Rite at the beginning of summer and he's obsessed with them! He calls them his "boat" shoes and insists on wearing them with EVERYTHING! The jeans... I just dont get! He's so hot natured but will only wear jeans! And considering he growth spurt, all his winter jeans are a good 1 to 2 inches too short! I'm sure you can imagine how that looks! He does NOT care though! It's jeans and "boat" shoes.. everyday!

He has also started waking up VERY early and helping himself to whatever he can find in the kitchen! He meanders downstairs and just eats anything! He'll climb in the fridge.. in the pantry... whatever he sees! I told Chris that we were going to have to start putting the baby gate up again at the top of the stairs! ha!

He topped off all his antics last Friday at the sprinkler park though!

We were having a great time until several day care vans pulled up and let the kids go wild! It was quickly getting out of hand so I told my kids to play for a few more minutes while I packed up our stuff. While I was getting everything in the car, Ethan came running up complaining of his teeth. I initially shooed him away but when he kept on, I bent down to take a peek. And OH MY GOODNESS.. his tooth was chipped!!! I kept asking him what happened but he wouldn't tell me. So, I have no idea if he fell, was pushed or ran into something??! I quickly got him in the car and called the dentist. Dr. B wasn't working that day, but was in the office, so he told us to come in so he could look at it! (THANK YOU DR.B!!!)

Luckily, he did NOT knock it loose at all and did not expose any nerves, so he should be in the clear for any further complications! It is definitely chipped though! E was SO good and let Dr. B file down the rough edges. He told me that he could fill it in but that it probably wouldn't stay, so I think we might just let it be for now. They just dont do much since it's a baby tooth. SO... my child looks like a little hillbilly with a broken tooth!! AHH! I hate it, but it is kinda charming in a way! lol He is definitely proud of it and tells everyone he sees!

And wouldn't you know that Cassie was supposed to take our family photos the next day!!! We are going to reschedule. I may let Dr. B fill it in just for the photos! haha!

Hopefully, Ethan will give me a little break for a few weeks and calm down! Probably not.. but one can hope, right?! :)


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