Thursday, July 15

Show Us Your Life - Calling All The Single Ladies!!!

This week on Kelly's Korner, we are sharing a few of our favorite guys.. our top picks, who are still single! I have to admit.. as I'm starting to type this, all I'm hearing in my head is the Chipette's version of "All the Single Ladies"! I'm laughing.. alot! ;)

Who's my favorite single guy???... my brother.. my best friend.. the guy who used to let me dress him up like a Barbie doll when we were 3(ha! - picturing that now is just hilarious!!)... Ricky Hunt!

Yes, ladies... I promise you.. he is THE BEST guy out there! (well... besides my incredible husband, of course!) And... he's still available! ;)

Now.. he's probably going to kill me for posting this! And, I have to admit.. I hesitated at first! But then I thought.. why not??! I know he's looking for someone! THE RIGHT ONE! And surely someone out there is looking for him!

He is one heck of a great guy! He is the most kind, honest, straightforward person I've ever known! He's a free-spirit and uber:adventurous!

Let me introduce:

Ricky Hunt
Age: 26
Height: around 5'10
Eyes: brown
Hair: auburn
Job: works for financial company in downtown Memphis/has Series 7!
Hobbies: working out (he's a personal trainer!), HUNTING, FISHING, baseball (he played in college!)
Personality: loyal, fun-loving, determined, has a heart for the Lord!

He graduated from UT Martin with a degree in Agricultural Business and there he played out his own minature version of Animal House on a daily basis! (hahaha!!!) He is an ATO!

He has a great sense of humor! As evident in the pic below.. yes, that's him in the wig and spandex! Sexy.. I know! ;)

He literally is the most amazing Uncle and Brother in the world! My children adore him to no end! He spoils them and loves them so much. It's always such a special moment to watch him interact with them. I can see in his eyes how he longs for the "family life" of his own!

LK and Uncle Ricky - I went into labor with LK 5 weeks early. He was in Jackson, TN at school.. when he got the call he raced home and got a speeding ticket on the way, just as he was entering Memphis! THATS how much he loves his neice!

Me (1 hr post birth.. GROSS!!), Ethan and Uncle Ricky!

I just can not praise him enough.. i feel like there just aren't enough words to properly descibe him! He's just one of my favorite people on this entire planet! Every night I pray for my sweet brother.. that he finds his "one"! He deserves it!

Well, ladies.. I hope you enjoyed meeting Mr. Hunt! If you're ever in the Memphis area.. let him know! ;)



Melissa said...

I wish I lived in TN! Who knows, I might make it that way!

Ams said...

Ah, so cute!! I love this post... I am not single but he is very handsome and I hope he finds his love soon :)

Emily said...

hey, i'm interested and also live in downtown memphis! my name is emily fourmy. your bro seems like a great, very interesting and fun guy. i'm 27, a Christian, a dentist, and currently in a residency program to be a pediatric dentist. my email is i don't have a blog, but if you would like to know more about me, email me or facebook me. thanks! :)

natalie @ stickles family blog said...

EMILY - i tried to find you on FB and couldn't! find me!!! :)

Love from Texas said...

LOVE IT! racking my brain now trying to think of someone... i love match-making :)

Shannon said...

Hey! I don't really live very close, but I thought I could just pass on my info just in case :) (so far all the cute guys live far away ha!)

I posted a little "all about me" on my blog


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Read Kelly's blog and came across this week's SUYL and think it is such a great idea! My name is Audrey, I'm 30, and live in Memphis as well. Your brother sounds like a great guy! My email is and I'm on FB as well (I think you can look up someone by their email).

Elizabeth Ann said...

I don't live in Memphis, but think your brother sounds awesome. My blog is:

Kristen @ said...

aww your brother sounds great!! I'm 25 and live in Nashville, so not too far away!!

Haley said...

Ricky is going to kill you!! haha I love this. I am single now too RP..haha!

Candice Lynn said...

Ricky, We all Love Natalie and her children need a mother...Please don't kill her :)

love you!

Joey and Elizabeth said...

Hey, this is not for me but for my sister! She's living with me in Georgia right now while my husband is deployed, but she goes to Oxford, MS a good bit to see our other sister at Ole Miss.
Anna's a wonderful sister and friend :) Her email is and you can find her on facebook too!!

Morgan said...

I know I don't live very close, but Ricky seems like an awesome guy with a lot of the qualities I am looking for. I am finishing up a Childhood Education degree at the University of Arkansas. If you think he might be interested feel free to look me up on Facebook under Morgan Black University of Arkansas network or email me at