Sunday, May 20

Well, Hey There!

Hi There, Friends!

Sorry that I’ve been on a hiatus!! Life has just been super busy around our house and I haven’t had time to blog. I promise to get back on the wagon soon though!

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to though:

DSC_0002     DSC_0004

Little Man got his very first chicken nugget happy meal! He LOVED it!!!!

DSC_0007     DSC_0013

He even got his very own Green Lantern toy! No more fighting for brother’s!!


We’ve also done a lot of playing! G loves playing “men” with E!

IMG_2647  IMG_2648  IMG_2649  IMG_2650

Chris and E took advantage of the Outdoors Boat Day. E got to test out a few kayaks and is now itching to have one just like Daddy’s!


I have become ridiculously obsessed with this book! Yes.. extremely racy and at times very difficult to read, but.. OH MY GOODNESS SOOO GOOD!!!! Read it.. NOW!


We finally finished up soccer season a few weekends ago. E seemed to really enjoy it this year! We had such a fun season!!

IMG_2598  IMG_2603  IMG_2604

Getting team pics and medals!


He was SO proud!!!


Showing off his medal!


Look at my handsome man! LOVE him!!!

IMG_2611     IMG_2651

We also went to see Avengers on opening weekend!!!! Ethan has been waiting MONTHS for this to come out. We bought tickets early on Saturday morning for a late afternoon showing.. good thing too.. it was SOLD OUT! The movie was AWESOME! Even LK and I liked it!! Of course, Ethan and Chris thought it was fantastic. We hope that they continue the series and make even more!

I promise to give a better update soon!!! I hope everyone is doing well! :)

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Lindsey @ The Savvy Speechie said...

Oh. My Lord. Are you reading this, too? My group finished the series all last week. I'm super sweaty just thinking about it! I hear they are making a movie- best to leave out some of the.. um.. action.