Thursday, May 31

What we’ve been up too..

Well, now that I’ve finally finished all 3 50 Shades books, I can resume normal life again. (Although, I’m not sure “normal” exists after being introduced to Christian Grey!) I LOVED them!! So glad I gave into the hype and read them.

So, here’s a little bit of a recap of life lately…

We attended a Gender Revealment Party for one of our best friends, Marc, and his sweet girlfriend, Kate. We are SO excited for Marc and Kate… and extremely anxious to find out what they’re having. Kate decorated and it was precious!


I, of course, chose a bow! I was certain that it was a girl! ;)


G made a friend!

DSC_0020  DSC_0024  DSC_0025  DSC_0026

And.. IT’S A….



How sweet is that??!! I am SOOO excited to get my hands or another sweet little girl!!


My Marcus.. best friends since 2nd grade!!! LOVE him! (and let’s not pay attention to how pale and awful I look.. I was horribly sick!!)

DSC_0030    DSC_0031DSC_0033

Everyone is so excited!!!


Marc and his sweet, Kate!

We finally ended the school year and are looking forward to a GREAT summer! We’re not attending the summer program so it was a little bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone! I know that we’re going to have lots of fun on our break though!! 

DSC_0035     DSC_0036

Ethan and his sweet teachers, Ms. Mekea and Ms. Jayme…. Gray and his sweet teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Nelle!

We have been blessed with such great teachers and are going to miss them so much!!!

EtDSC_0041   DSC_0046   DSC_0051

LK also ended her school year with an End Of Year program. She was able to show off some of her violin skills!

DSC_0055     DSC_0062DSC_0066 

She did great!!! I am SO proud of her!!


The most wonderful 2nd Grade teacher!!!

Ethan has ended his very first T-Ball season! We had a blast!!! He definitely likes baseball and can’t wait to play again! I am already having withdraws! :) Looking forward to a Dulins baseball camp this summer and fall sports, just around the corner!

DSC_0089     DSC_0091

Sweet boy.. such a trooper at all the games!!


DSC_0104     DSC_0106

My little man is quite the ball player!! I am a proud momma!



Getting a “Good Play” speech from his coach!


DSC_0125     DSC_0132

After game prayers!

DSC_0142     DSC_0145

What everyone 4yr old boy wants…. A TROPHY!!!!


Showing it off… he was so happy!


Look at him! Gosh, do I love him!

Well, so far we have had a great summer!!! Hopefully, I can get all caught up on the blog and keep y’all up to date on all the fun we’re having!!! Next week starts all the madness of VBS and summer camps! Fortunately, we have hired a summer nanny to help me with the kids. She is WONDERFUL!!! I am so thankful to have her! I know it’s going to be a great summer! I hope everyone else has been having as much fun as we have!

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