Friday, April 27

Life must be grand..

for a boy named Gray Davis Stickles..

Here are some random pics from my phone. I just love this sweet little face!

He and Huck are the best of friends. They share just about everything.. Gray's food, Huck's food (so gross!), each other's toys, and yes.. even Huck's bones if we're not careful! ;)


Daddy was outside cutting the lawn. These two whinned at the door until he came back in!

My little T-I-G-E-R!

It was COOOOOLLLDDDD on Saturday for Ethan's game. We had to sit in the car for a bit to warm up! I was praying that he wouldn't get an ear infection!

This is what I wake up to every morning. Sweet, chubby, happy, smiling goodness!! I am the luckiest lady in the world!

He fits right in! LOVES chips!!

It started raining during one of E's soccer practices. We hung out in the car.. someone liked this VERY much!

I found this one too... melts my heart..

Saying Hello to Popie.. not a day goes by that they dont mention him and tell stories about him.

Here's a few vidoes that I found on there also..  

Ethan Stickles makes me laugh on a daily basis!!! I LOVE this child!!

Happy weekend! ENJOY!


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