Thursday, September 13

Labor Day Weekend: Part 1

I’m going back several weekends to Labor Day weekend. We started the weekend bright and early Saturday at a birthday party for sweet Payten. She is such a sweet little girl and we were so excited to help her celebrate her big day!


Sweet Friends!


Happy Birthday, Pay!


Trying to keep Gray from the cake! ha!



After the party, we went over to Grams to cookout. It was, of course, yummy!



After we ate, we headed home to take quick naps. We had planned to go to the Memphis game, but unfortunately a big storm was headed in and we didn’t want to get caught in it at the stadium with all the kids. So, we came up with other plans….

We headed to Putt Putt!

DSC_0037.NEF       DSC_0039.NEF

Everyone was so excited!! The weather was perfect!


DSC_0041.NEF  DSC_0043.NEF  DSC_0045.NEF

Everyone needed a little golfing refresher! ;)


DSC_0055.NEF  DSC_0056.NEF  DSC_0060.NEF

Ethan got a HOLE IN ONE!! Everyone was so happy for him!!

DSC_0064.NEF        DSC_0066.NEF

Even Gray got in on the action! He’s a natural!!

DSC_0069.NEF  DSC_0076.NEF  DSC_0078.NEF

Daddy got a big kick out of it.. so proud of his big boy!



Love my sweet family!!


DSC_0132.NEF        DSC_0135.NEF

After playing a round of golf, we headed inside to play some games..

DSC_0145.NEF        DSC_0148.NEFDSC_0150.NEF

They all had a blast!

It started getting late, so we headed home. The evening definitely didn’t go as planned, but we had so much fun! And thank goodness we didn’t go to the Memphis game, b/c it poured!!! A few friends posted pics of the stadium while they were waiting out the rain and it was a mess!! We would have been 5 very unhappy people trying to escape the rain and then make it home! ha!

We had even more fun on Sunday…

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